How much is bus from Charleroi to Brussels?

How much is bus from Charleroi to Brussels?

Shuttle bus The journey takes one hour and the bus stops in Bruxelles-Midi (Brussels-South railway station, in rue de France). A one-way journey will cost € 17 ( US$ 18) and a return ticket costs € 34 ( US$ 35.90). You can purchase the ticket in the airport terminal or on the bus.

How do I get from Charleroi Airport to Charleroi?

There is no direct connection from Charleroi Airport (CRL) to Charleroi-South Station. However, you can take the bus to Brussels Midi / Brussel Zuid West, take the walk to Bruxelles-Midi, then take the train to Charleroi-Sud. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Charleroi-South Station.

How do I get from Charleroi Airport to Brussels city Centre?

You can also get to the Brussels centre by train. Take a TEC bus to Charleroi South train station. After that, you need to take a train to get to the Brussels city centre. The ultimate cost of a one-way ticket is 3 euros and the average journey time from Charleroi Airport to the railway station is 20-25 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Charleroi Airport to Charleroi Sud?

The quickest way to get from Charleroi Airport (CRL) to CHARLEROI Sud is to taxi which costs €25 – €30 and takes 12 min.

Does Brussels Charleroi Airport have a train station?

Unfortunately not. You have two travel options, both a combination of bus and train. Firstly, you can take bus A from Charleroi Airport to Charleroi-Sud and then a direct train to Brussels Airport. Travel time is around 2 hours and 5 minutes.

How much does a taxi cost from Brussels Airport to the city Centre?

approximately 47€
When travelling from Brussels airport to the city centre, you have three transport options, taxi, bus or train. Taxis take 18 minutes and will cost approximately 47€ depending on your exact destination in the city. The airport train takes just 17 minutes to reach the city centre and a one-way ticket costs 12.70€.

Are there taxis at Charleroi airport?

Charleroi Airport Taxi – the best transportation option. To get from Brussels South airport there are a few options: direct shuttle bus, and taxi. There is a direct shuttle bus from Charleroi Brussels Airport.

Is Charleroi Belgium safe?

Stay safe. Despite its reputation, Charleroi’s crime rate is not exceptionally high. In fact it is marginally lower than in other Belgian cities like Brussels, Liège, or Leuven. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid going alone or in small groups at night in some neighbourhoods outside the city centre.

Is there anything to see in Charleroi?

BPS22 is the art museum of the Province of Hainaut, of which Charleroi is the most populous city. It is housed in an industrial building of glass and iron, which is listed as a historic monument and was used as the Walloon Art Palace for the Charleroi exhibition of 1911.