Is Amanda at fault at all?

Is Amanda at fault at all?

Answer: Amanda is not at fault at all. It is too harsh for a small child to understand the concept of acne and not eating a chocolate. Love of parents is missing from Amanda’s life.

What could Amanda do if she were a married?

Answer: If Amanda were a mermaid, then she would drift slowly on a languid emerald sea. She would be the sole inhabitant of the relaxed green sea and would move slowly on it.

What does Amanda do to her shoulder?

Ans: When the poem begins, we find that Amanda is biting her nails. She is hunching her shoulders. She is sitting in a slouching posture. That is why, the speaker asks her to behave normally.

Why Will Amanda not let down her bright hair?

Explanation: Amanda will not let down her bright hair because she is always being nagged by her mother. Rapunzel is free to open her hair and let her bright hair fall from the tower. Amanda wishes to have a life of Rapunzel where no one is there to nag her.

Why is Amanda asked not to eat chocolate?

the speaker ask amanda not to eat chocolate because she had ache already. Eating chocolate might create more pimples .

Why does Amanda say she is an orphan?

Answer: She says so because she wants to be alone and enjoy being herself. She wants to roam around in the street alone and pattern dust wit her bare feet. She finds silence ‘golden’ and freedom ‘sweet’.

What is the mood of the poet in the poem Lines Written in Early Spring?

The poet feels sad about the relationship between man and man. Nature is linked to all the souls of human beings. The poet feels sad thoughts while enjoying the beauty of nature. Nature is a beautiful Holy plan of God.

What would Amanda do if she were an orphan?

If she were a mermaid, then she wanted to drift slowly on a calm sea where she would be the only inhabitant. She even goes on to imagine if she were an orphan. In that case, she would roam about the street in silence and freedom.

What is the meaning of the phrase what man has made of man?

“What Man has made of Man” implies that there was an expectation for Man, his behavior and his responsibility. Man, with so much power for good and for destruction has the responsibility to respect his fellow man and the environment in which he lives.

What should Amanda not to do her shoulders?

Answer: The poet advises Amanda not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders and not to eat chocolate. She advises her to sit straight and take care of her acne. She further advises her to keep herself clean.

What does the speaker wants Amanda to do when he is talking to her?

Question 13: What three things does the speaker ask Amanda to do which she has not done? Answer: The speaker asks Amanda to finish her homework. Then he asks her if she has cleaned up her room. Finally, he finds that her shoes are not clean even though he had asked her to clean them.

Who is addressing Amanda?

poet Robert Klein

What is the mood of the poet in these lines?

The poet of in happy and cheerful miss. He himself reflects his happiness in the following lines:”a poet could not but be gay. In such a jocund company”. The feeling of the oneness with nature that the poet has experienced in seeing lovely and dancing daffodils of the reason for his happiness.

What does Amanda not like?

Children feel their parents don’t let them do many things they want to do. In the poem there is a girl named Amanda who feels her mom nags her too much. The mother scolds Amanda for biting her nails, hunching her shoulders, and not sitting straight. Amanda does not like it.