Is Detroit: Become Human on ps3?

Is Detroit: Become Human on ps3?

Detroit: Become Human is a 2018 adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment….

Detroit: Become Human
Platform(s) PlayStation 4 Microsoft Windows
Release PlayStation 4 25 May 2018 Microsoft Windows 12 December 2019
Genre(s) Adventure

Are Quantic Dream working on a new game?

Quantic Dream, the developer behind the recently announced Star Wars Eclipse and Detroit: Become Human, is currently developing a second AAA game alongside Star Wars Eclipse, according to an insider with previous knowledge of Quantic Dream’s plans.

Is Quantic Dream owned by PlayStation?

French game studio Quantic Dream has been known primarily as a PlayStation studio. It’s not owned by Sony, but its previous three releases—Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human—were published by Sony and, until quite recently, exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

Is the Kara short canon?

Notes. The “KARA” short film lists a number of Kara’s technological specifics and abilities. However, as the film is proto-canon, these cannot be automatically taken as truth for the later game. Among these are battery life (“making [her] autonomous for 173 years”), use as a sexual partner, and more.

Can you play PS4 games on PS3?

The short answer is that no, the PlayStation 4 is not backward-compatible with PlayStation 3 games. Inserting a PS3 disc into the PS4 will not work. And you cannot download digital versions of PS3 games from the PlayStation Store onto your PlayStation 4.

Is Detroit Free on PS4?

It is free, but time is money as they say, and the game did receive mixed reviews upon its original release. This is my first time playing a Quantic Dream game, no Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls for me.

Is there gonna be a second Detroit become human?

Detroit: Become Human was released five years after Beyond: Two Souls, which was only three years after Heavy Rain. Based on those timeframes, the game could release anywhere between next year and 2023.

Who created Detroit become human?

Quantic DreamDetroit: Become Human / Developer

Is Detroit: Become Human only for PlayStation?

Detroit: Become Human originally came out for PlayStation 4 as an exclusive on May 25, 2018. The story-based game has sold over 3.2 million copies. Coming to PC will expand its potential audience. Sony Interactive Entertainment published the PS4 version, but Quantic Dream is publishing the PC port itself.

Is Heavy Rain a prequel to Detroit: Become Human?

Founded in May 1997, Quantic Dream has developed five video games: The Nomad Soul (1999), Fahrenheit (2005), Heavy Rain (2010), Beyond: Two Souls (2013), and Detroit: Become Human (2018). The company is known for promoting interactive storytelling, with founder David Cage as the primary creative force.

What is Karas model number?

AX400 #579 102 694
Kara, AX400 #579 102 694, was sent to a store where she was quickly sold, and later resold several times. Eventually, she was bought by her latest owner, former taxi driver Todd Williams. He assigns her to look after his home and daughter, Alice.

Who is Connor Detroit?

Connor is a protagonist/antagonist (depending on Player’s choice) of the videogame Detroit Become Human. He is an RK800 Android helping the Detroit Police Force to stop other Androids who became deviants. Connor is voiced and motion-captured by Bryan Dechart, who also portrays Eli Chandler in Jane by Design.