Is Kelly Clarkson releasing a new album in 2022?

Is Kelly Clarkson releasing a new album in 2022?

On September 23rd, Kelly released “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You),” the first single from her new holiday album, When Christmas Comes Around…, due out on October 15th. With that, it seems that the rest of this year is accounted for. Kelly’s (secular) new album is expected sometime in 2022.

Is Kelly Clarkson making a new album?

#KellyClarkson: “The whole record is basically every emotion you experience from the beginning of a relationship to the end of what it is now.”… album 2021!!! I hope its early 2021 because I need something good in my life soon.

Does Kelly Clarkson still record music?

Kelly Clarkson teased her new EP with a bold red image. On June 9, the 40-year-old singer is set to release a new EP called “Kellyoke,” which will feature six full-length covers.

When did Kelly Clarkson last release?

Studio albums

Title Album details Sales
Meaning of Life Released: October 27, 2017 Label: Atlantic Format: CD, LP, digital download, streaming US: 68,000 UK: 15,000
When Christmas Comes Around… Released: October 15, 2021 Label: Atlantic Format: CD, digital download, streaming US: 93,000

How can I contact Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson Phone Number, Contact Address, Fan Mail Address, Email Id

House Address Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Address Information Starstruck Entertainment, Inc. (Talent Management Company) 40 Music Square West Nashville, TN 37203 USA Phone: (615) 259-5200 Fax: (615) 259-5202

What is Kelly Clarkson 2020 worth?

$45 million
What is Kelly Clarkson’s net worth? Kelly Clarkson reportedly has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Does Kelly Clarkson own her masters?

“I don’t really care about owning my masters or not,” she said. “I’m just like, ‘Whatever, I’m going to sing them until I’m dead, it’s fine. ‘ And then somebody can make money off of it, I don’t care. Like, I write half or a little more than half my stuff and hers is 100 percent of it.

Where is Kelly Clarkson’s music director?

Jason Halbert (born June 3, 1974) is an American producer, music director, musician, engineer and songwriter. He has been Kelly Clarkson’s music director since 2003, shortly after her American Idol win.

What is Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband salary?

However, Clarkson will also have to pay her ex-husband $115,000 a month in spousal support until January 31, 2024. This sum is slightly lower than the reported $150,000 in spousal support that Clarkson was ordered to pay in July of last year.

How much does Kelly Clarkson make a month?

$1.9 million per month
How much does Kelly Clarkson make a month? Amid her divorce from Blackstock, it was revealed in court documents that Clarkson’s salary breaks down to $1.9 million per month—a figure that includes income from both The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

What are Kelly Clarkson’s health issues?

More recently, Kelly has opened up about her experiences with depression while interviewing Demi Lovato on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” This came shortly after Kelly’s divorce went public. She praised her fellow vocalist for being so candid about her battle with addiction and mental illness.

Who plays the voice of God on Kelly Clarkson show?

Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. Thompson performs voice impressions of Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew McConaughey, George Lucas and Donald Trump. In The Kelly Clarkson Show, he currently serves as game announcer “God,” using his Morgan Freeman impression.

Is Kelly Clarkson releasing a new album?

The show will be timed to the release of the chart-topper’s new holiday album, the Kelly Clarkson Presents: When Christmas Comes Around. The special will be filled with Clarkson’s new original songs as well as a curated list of iconic classics

When does Kelly Clarksons new album Come Out?

September 14, 2020. September 28, 2020. Hidden Jams 8th Studio Album, Divorce, I Dare You, In The Studio, Interview, Kelly Clarkson, New Album, New Music, New Song, Personal 16 min read. We’ve all been excited to hear Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming 8th studio album. While we’re still a ways out from getting it, Kelly has just revealed some exciting news about it.

What are Kelly Clarkson’s hit songs?

Piece By Piece.

  • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
  • Whole Lotta Woman.
  • Sober.
  • Walk Away.
  • Because of You.
  • Cry.
  • Since U Been Gone.
  • Breakaway.
  • It’s Quiet Uptown.
  • Is Kelly Clarkson a better singer than Beyonce?

    You have got to be delusional to think Beyonce could compare to Whitney or Mariah. Beyonce isn’t even on the same level vocally as Kelly Clarkson or Xtina Aguilera. Y’all stans have gone too far. LeAnn Rimes can outsing Beyonce right now today and she isn’t up there with Whitney or Mariah. Come the fuck on.