Is Prince a good name for a cat?

Is Prince a good name for a cat?

If you’ve brought home a male cat, perhaps you’d like to consider the names that have belonged to kings and other leaders from the past. Sure, you could go with a simple regal name like “Prince” or “King.” Your cat deserves to be treated like royalty, after all!

What are badass names for cats?

Badass Grey Cat Names

  • Smokey.
  • Blade.
  • Pepper.
  • Stone.
  • Wolf.
  • Tornado.
  • Hurricane.
  • Dark Moon.

What are some exotic cat names?

101 Wild and Exotic Cat Names

  • Saber- This French word means sword.
  • Moses- This uncommon Hebrew name speaks of wisdom and power.
  • Boldness- This is a great name for a brave cat.
  • Jupiter- This was the name of a Roman god of war.
  • Zeus- This was the most powerful Greek god.

What should I name my male cat?

Top 100 Boy Cat Names

  • Oliver.
  • Leo.
  • Milo.
  • Charlie.
  • Simba.
  • Max.
  • Jack.
  • Loki.

What are king names?

English Names That Mean King

  • Aldrich (Meaning: Old, wise ruler).
  • Arnold (Meaning: Ruler strong as a ruler).
  • Avery (Meaning: Ruler of the elves).
  • Balder (Meaning: Prince, courageous or brave).
  • Edgar (Meaning: Wealthy spear-man).
  • Edric (Meaning: Wealthy ruler).
  • Jerrick (Meaning: Strong gifted ruler).

What is a royal name for a cat?

Royal Cat Names From History Alexander the Great. Beatrix. Bonnie Prince Charlie. Boudicca.

What are scary names for cats?

Spooky Names for Cats Born on Halloween

  • Reaper.
  • Nightmare.
  • Phantom.
  • Vampy.
  • Haven.
  • Potion.
  • Doom.
  • Grave.

What is the rarest cat name?

More Unique Cat Names

  • Milton.
  • Hercules.
  • Inky.
  • Ron.
  • Cora.
  • Ted.
  • Nox.
  • Evie.

What name means wild?

Names That Mean Wild In Different Languages

  • Aranyak (Indian origin) means “wild and silvan”.
  • Basa (Basque origin) means “wild” and is one of the cooler names you can give to your child.
  • Bry (Arabic origin) meaning “wild and fierce”.
  • Daji (Hausa origin) meaning “wild”.

What is a strong male name?

Strong Boy Names and Meanings

Eburhardt Strong as a boar German
Ezekiel God will strengthen Hebrew
Farrell Hero, man of courage Irish
Farris Iron-strong English
Fergus Supreme man; highest choice Scottish