Is the Truth About Forever appropriate?

Is the Truth About Forever appropriate?

This slice-of-life, grief book by Sarah Dessen is published by Viking Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Group and is written for kids ages 12 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

What is the truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen about?

The Truth About Forever (2004), a young adult contemporary romance by Sarah Dessen, tells the story of a young girl struggling to get over her father’s death who finds romance and friendship in unexpected places.

Is the Truth About Forever sad?

This book was so beautiful that I felt the urge to cry so many times, but not just for sadness, but because of all those strong emotions that this story has brought out of my heart. Truth being said, I think I’ve felt in love that night, while reading it.. not only with Wes but with all the crew members from Wish.

Is there romance in The Truth About Forever?

The Truth About Forever is a YA romance novel by American writer Sarah Dessen, published in 2004. Macy is left reeling by her beloved father’s sudden death while they were out running together.

What age are Sarah Dessen books for?

While sensitive issues such as rape are dealt with, they are presented in an intelligent and thoughtful way. Girls will empathize with Annabel and hopefully learn something from her story. I would strongly recommend this and other books by Sarah Dessen to girls ages 14 and up.

How old is Katherine in forever?

Characters. Katherine Danziger Protagonist of the book. Katherine turns 18 in the book, and is a senior in high school who is getting ready for college.

Who are the main characters in The Truth About Forever?

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What genre is The Truth About Forever?

Young adult fiction
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What genre is The Truth About Forever Sarah Dessen?

What happens at the end of the truth about forever?

It looks like Macy has finally learned how to mourn her dad—instead of pushing aside all the things he loved (like running), she’s embracing them. Changing your forever isn’t some future event, far off in the distance—it’s something you have to do right now: because forever is now. Deep, Macy.

What should I read if I like Sarah Dessen?

What To Read If You Loved Sarah Dessen Growing Up

  • ‘Second Chance Summer’ by Morgan Matson.
  • ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Maurene Goo.
  • ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ by Jenny Han.
  • ‘The Education of Margot Sanchez’ by Lilliam Rivera.
  • ‘Famous in a Small Town’ by Emma Mills.
  • ‘Start Here’ by Trish Doller.

What is just listen about?

Just Listen, a young adult novel by Sarah Dessen published in 2006, tells the story of a model, Annabel Greene, and the way her life unravels after a horrific incident leaves her feeling like an outcast. Annabel has fought with her best friend, Sophie, and is not looking forward to her junior year of high school.

What do you think about the book Grief by Sarah Dessen?

It’s a quiet, deep, tender and warm story about the main character dealing with grief, how that affected her life and how she’s trying to hold it together for her family. It’s about her self discovery and first love. I love how Sarah Dessen was able to showcase different ways of people dealing with grief and what their choices were.

What is your review of the truth about forever?

The Truth About Forever is one of the few YA books I loved. The story is captivating, touching and real. Engaging writing style, loveable characters, and Wes who is just the most perfect fictional boyfriend ever. Aww, I wish he was real… I finally felt I was on my way. Everyone had a forever, but given a choice, this would be mine.

What books should I read after the truth about forever?

Books to read after this (that aren’t other Sarah Dessen books)? ● Anna and the French Kiss, ● Since You’ve Been Gone, ● To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, ● The Last Song ● Those are some pretty awesome follow-ups for The Truth About Forever.