Is there a directv remote control app?

Is there a directv remote control app?

DIRECTV subscribers with receiver models HR20 and above can use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control. Here’s all you need to get started: Download the DIRECTV app to your device.

Can I access my DIRECTV DVR from my phone?

Go to DIRECTV STREAM or the DIRECTV STREAM app. Select the show you want to watch. Choose REC. (If you’re using an Android® device, select the 3 dots first.)

Can I download a Direct TV remote on my phone?

DIRECTV customers with an Android phone can now head over to the Play Store to grab a new remote app that lets them control their HD receivers from their smartphone.

How do I connect my iPhone to my DIRECTV DVR?

From your mobile device

  1. Open the DIRECTV App and tap menu .
  2. Choose or select Browse for TV and make sure your receiver is listed in the menu.
  3. To start watching, select the tab to watch on your device.
  4. Choose Watch Live TV or Watch Your DVR, and then select a program to watch.

Is there a directv remote app for iPhone?

Direct Remote is a Wi-Fi remote control for your DIRECTV receiver that allows you to control your receiver using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network.

Can you use a universal remote with DIRECTV?

The Universal remote can control up to four devices. These include TVs, sound systems, game consoles or DVD players. Slide the mode switch at the top of your remote to pick the device you want to control (DIRECTV, AV1, AV2, and TV).

Can you access DVR online?

All you need is an internet connection and the app to stream content from your DVR. Go to the DVR section of the app, find your recorded content, and tap the play icon next to your recordings. Or go to the Dashboard, scroll down, and find your recorded shows there.

Can you access DirecTV DVR from computer?

2. Watch DirecTV DVR on your computer. DirecTV DVR allows you to record videos and view them later on your computer. You can play the DVR recordings from a computer via a function called DirecTV2PC.

Is there a universal remote for DIRECTV?

How do I connect my iPad to my DIRECTV DVR?

Start by going to the DIRECTV apps Settings. On a tablet this is the gear icon at upper left, and on a phone it is at the bottom of the hamburger menu (the three lines at upper left.) Go to the Mobile DVR settings and tap “Register this device.” You get this nice little splash screen where you can tap “Get Started.”

How do I register my DIRECTV DVR app?

Register your mobile device to your receiver

  1. Open the DIRECTV App on your device.
  2. Select Watch on phone/tablet (or applicable device).
  3. Select Watch Your DVR.
  4. Choose the My Downloads tab.
  5. On the registration page, select Get Started and follow the prompts.

How do I connect my iPad to my DIRECTV receiver?

Let’s try to add your device once again using the following steps:

  1. Go to iTunes App Store or Google Play.
  2. Download DIRECTV App.
  3. Sign into the app with DIRECTV username and password.
  4. Select Playlist.
  5. Select My Downloads.
  6. Select Register your iPhone/iPad/Phone/Tablet.
  7. Edit the Device name as desired.
  8. Select Add Device.