Is there an interactive comic for Mass Effect 3?

Is there an interactive comic for Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect: Genesis 2 is an optional, interactive DLC comic that is enabled after you finish setting up your Mass Effect 3 profile. It was introduced in 2012 for the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3, since that system never received Mass Effect 1 or 2.

Does me3 have Genesis?

Pricing. Mass Effect: Genesis 2 is included on-disc in Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U. It is available for 320 BioWare Points on PC and $3.99 USD on XBox 360 and Playstation 3.

Is Genesis in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, playing through Mass Effect: Genesis is optional, with a prompt appearing before it normally plays.

Is Shepard in Mass Effect comics?

For the films, see Films. There are currently eleven comics set in the Mass Effect universe. As the games are considered to be the player’s story, almost none of the comics, like the novels, feature player characters like Commander Shepard as the main character.

Should I save Ashley or Kaiden?

Kaiden may be the stronger choice, but Ashley isn’t without her merits. Those who are looking for more character development and growth would be better off saving Ashley, especially if Shepard is romancing her. By the time of Mass Effect 3, Ashley has undergone a modicum of personal growth.

Should I save or sacrifice the council?

Weighing the pros and cons, it’s best to save the Citadel Council at the end of Mass Effect 1. Whilst having the Destiny Ascension as a war asset is worth slightly less compared to the fully stocked Alliance fleets (70 vs. 100), Shephard will have an easier time throughout the trilogy by sparing the alien leadership.

How did Shepard survive Mindoir?

If Commander Shepard has the Colonist background, the Commander was born into a farming family on Mindoir and was sixteen when the raid came. Shepard’s friends and relatives were all killed, but Shepard survived and was rescued by an Alliance patrol.

How long is Mass Effect comic?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781506719191
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: 11/03/2020
Pages: 800
Sales rank: 27,476

Does Kaiden become a Spectre?

Kaiden is not heard from again in Mass Effect 2, but reappears in Mass Effect 3, now as a potential love interest for a male Shepard. Kaidan is now very much his own man. He becomes a Spectre as he follows in Shepard’s footsteps.

Can both Kaidan and Ashley survive?

Unfortunately, as we noted previously, there is no way to save both characters. You have to make a decision. Whoever you save will be seen throughout the rest of the Mass Effect trilogy.

What happens if you concentrate on sovereign?

Though you are seemingly faced with three choices, the “Concentrate on Sovereign” option has the same end result for the Council as “Let the Council die”, though the number of Renegade Points earned will be different.

What happens if udina as councilor?

If Udina is the human Councilor and the previous Council was left to perish, Shepard will be unable to regain Spectre status. On the other hand, if the Council was saved, Shepard can regain Spectre status, regardless of whether Udina or Anderson becomes the human Councilor.