Is there standing room at Fenway?

Is there standing room at Fenway?

Standing Room Only at Fenway Park is available in a number of different locations. Some of these locations are strictly assigned and others are less strictly assigned. In the lower level, the primary standing room areas are located on the first and third base sides near Grandstand seating.

What is Green Monster standing room?

The green monster is 3 rows of actual stool seats with a bar in front of you. The 4th “row” is the same bar you can lean on but there are no seats.

Where are the best seats at Fenway Park?

If money is no object, then Field Boxes 21 through 76 are your best bets for fantastic seats at Fenway. Just behind these are Loge Box Sections 108 through 152—also a great bet, and a tad less expensive.

Are Green Monster seats worth it?

It was worth the money. First row, one can look down and see the Green Monster wall. We had metal round seats with a back, and there was a counter in front so one can put food/drinks/arms on it. There was enough legroom, and there was decent space with your neighbor so that you won’t knock legs.

How do standing room only tickets work?

A Standing Room Only (SRO) ticket gives Dallas Cowboys fans the chance to participate in the Cowboys game day experience. The Standing Room Only ticket gives fans access to six decks to stand and watch the game from inside AT Stadium. This ticket does not grant access to a physical seat or seat location.

What are the best Red Sox seats?

Field Boxes Seating – The Field Boxes at Fenway Park are some of the best seats for a Red Sox game. These seats offer fantastic, unobstructed views from within 20 rows of t…

What are the best Green Monster seats?

The Monster Seats at Fenway Park are the famous seats located high above the Green Monster in left field. For your best chance at a home run, choose seats in M2-M6. Even if you don’t catch a ball, you’ll get a great look at fly balls and balls played off the 37-foot high wall.

Which seats are obstructed at Fenway?

You are most likely to have a problem in Rows 1-4 of a Grandstand section, and this is (usually) in the low-numbered or high-numbered seats. If you have the luxury of seeing the seat number (which you do not on StubHub), you should be okay in most sections with Seats 5-10.

How expensive is it to sit on the Green Monster?

That means the cost varies, and is determined by date, opponent and even weather conditions. For example, a standing room ticket for the April 11 home opener is $140, while a first-row Monster seat will cost $500. The next night, those tickets are $45 and $175, respectively.

What do Green Monster seats cost?

Boston Red Sox tickets start at $35 and can range up to $1,559 for a grandstand outfield box. You can even purchase tickets to sit or stand in the Green Monster for about $175 per ticket.

What is standing room only?

An event is described as standing-room only when it is so well-attended that all of the chairs in the venue are occupied, leaving only flat spaces of pavement or flooring for other attendees to stand, at least those spaces not restricted by occupancy by fire codes for ingress/egress of crowds.

Why do my standing tickets have seat numbers?

Please note that seat numbers may be listed on your ticket or booking confirmation. These numbers are there to keep track of the number of tickets sold and do not represent any location in the venue.

Does Fenway Park have standing room?

Yes, they do have Standing Room too! On the upper levels, Fenway even has their own farm, which supplies a number of the food vendors at the park. Fenway Park has found the perfect marriage of honoring the past while being on the cutting-edge of urban stadium development.

Can you see the Green Monster from Fenway Park?

You’ll have an excellent view of the neighborhood surrounding Fenway Park but won’t be able to see the deepest parts of the outfield or the balls bouncing off of the Green Monster. The other areas are all in upper right field on the Budweiser roof deck, terrace and roof box area.

What are roof box seats at Fenway Park?

The right field roof box seats sit on Fenway Park’s top level on the right field side. They’re right next to the Budweiser right field roof deck and offer one of the best panoramic views of Fenway Park. All of the seats have their own tables for fans to eat at as well as a huge bar and standing room only area at the top.

What are EMC Club seats at Fenway Park?

The EMC Club seats are the navy blue colored seats on Fenway Park’s suite level. You’ll get complete protection from the sun and rain with plenty of small TVs at your fingertips. These are very small sections with only a few rows of seats. There are six EMC Club sections numbered 1 through 6.