What amateur satellites are active?

What amateur satellites are active?


Name NORAD ID Status
XW-3 (CAS 9) 50466 Active
XW-3 (CAS 9) 50466 Active
KOSEN-1 49402 Active
Z-SAT C 49399 Active

What frequency is used for satellites?

C-band (4–8 GHz) Primarily used for satellite communications, for full-time satellite TV networks or raw satellite feeds.

How can I listen to ham satellites?

All you need is a VHF/UHF FM receiver (like a police scanner) or a VHF/UHF transceiver (like a Yaesu VX-7) and an antenna. Start by visiting Heavens-Above.com to check the orbit of the satellite you want to listen to and specify your location. Check the passes of your specific satellite or the ISS.

Does 64 satellite have frequency?


Operational mode Radio 1
Basic 145.870 MHz 1200 Baud BPSK AX.25 housekeeping telemetry only
Science 145.870 MHz 1200 Baud BPSK AX.25 housekeeping & payload telemetry
Transponder Uplink: 435.570 – 435.530 MHz Downlink: 145.880 – 145.920 MHz (inverting) Beacon: 145.870 MHz CW

What frequency is the ISS Ham radio on?

145.80 MHz
The ISS radio transmits signals at 145.80 MHz and receives signals at either 144.49 or 145.20 MHz, depending on its orbital location. Most school groups chosen to participate in the ARISS program set up a temporary ground station in their schools, often with the help of local amateur radio volunteers.

Why do we need 30 MHz for space communication?

Below 30 MHz, the ionosphere, at altitudes from around 100 to 500 km, absorbs and reflects signals. Above 30 GHz, the lower atmosphere or troposphere, below 10 km, absorbs radio signals due to oxygen and water vapour.

Do satellites use VHF?

Satellite UHF and VHF devices play an important role in satcomms on many spacecraft. This a market segment overview of commercially-available very high frequency (VHF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) transceivers and transmitters for CubeSats and small satellites.

How many amateur radio satellites are there?

Currently, over 18 fully operational amateur radio satellites are in orbit. They may be designed to act as repeaters, as linear transponders, and as store and forward digital relays. Amateur radio satellites have helped advance the science of satellite communications.

Is there an app to track satellites?

Orbitrack. The Orbitrack app, available for Apple products (opens in new tab) and Android devices, is the most powerful and comprehensive satellite tracking app I’ve found.

How do I listen to space frequencies?

There is a special thrill in talking to an astronaut out in space! What equipment do you need to hear the ISS? Almost any 144 MHz FM rig will receive the ISS, you can even use a general coverage VHF scanner with an external antenna. As far as the antenna is concerned the simpler the better.

Is AO 91 active?

AMSAT-OSCAR 91 AO-91’s U/v FM repeater is continuously available for use by amateur stations.