What are biosimilars for adalimumab?

What are biosimilars for adalimumab?

AMGEVITA is a biosimilar to Humira® (adalimumab), a fully human immunoglobulin G1 monoclonal antibody that binds and neutralizes human tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα), a cytokine which mediates the inflammatory response. The amino acid sequence of AMGEVITA® is identical to that of the reference product.

Is there a biosimilar to Humira?

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Cyltezo (adalimumab-adbm), the first interchangeable biosimilar product of Humira (adalimumab). Humira is an injectable drug widely used to manage symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and several other autoimmune conditions.

How many biosimilars are there for Humira?

Rituxan (rituximab) Biosimilars

Biosimilar Reference Product
13 Hyrimoz (adalimumab-adaz) Humira
12 Nivestym (filgrastim-aafi) Neupogen
11 Fulphila (pegfilgrastim-jmdb) Neulasta
10 Retacrit (epoetin alfa-epbx) Epogen / Procrit

Is adalimumab a biologic or biosimilar?

One example of a biologic drug used for RA is adalimumab (Humira).

What is the brand name of adalimumab?

Brand names: Humira, Amgevita, Hyrimoz, Idacio, Imraldi, Yuflyma.

Is there a generic version of Humira?

Unfortunately, there is no generic version of Humira or biosimilar drug on the market in the United States that people can purchase at a lower cost. Ever since 2002, AbbVie has carefully constructed patents to make sure that Humira is protected from biosimilar competition.

Which biosimilars are on the market?

FDA-Approved Biosimilar Products

Biosimilar Name Approval Date More Information
Alymsys (bevacizumab-maly) April 2022 Alymsys Information
Releuko (filgrastim-ayow) February 2022
Yusimry (adalimumab-aqvh) December 2021 Yusimry Information
Rezvoglar (insulin glargine-aglr) December 2021 Rezvoglar

Which biosimilars are interchangeable?

On July 28, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first interchangeable biosimilar product, Semglee (insulin glargine-yfgn), as a diabetes treatment. Semglee is both biosimilar to and interchangeable with Lantus (insulin glargine), a long-acting insulin analog.

How are biosimilars different from generics?

Generic drugs are chemically identical to the original branded drug and, as such, cost significantly less because they don’t require much testing. Because biosimilars are made from living organisms, though, and don’t contain identical ingredients to their name-brand counterparts, they still require some testing.

Is Humira biologic or biosimilar?

Cyltezo (adalimumab-adbm), originally approved in August 2017, is both biosimilar to, and interchangeable with (may be substituted for), its reference product Humira (adalimumab) for Cyltezo’s approved uses.

What is the generic brand for Humira?

Adalimumab is also used to treat certain bowel conditions (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis) and a certain eye disease (uveitis). Adalimumab is available under the following different brand names: Humira, Amjevita, and adalimumab-atto.