What are non mileage expenses?

What are non mileage expenses?

Non-mileage: All reimbursable expenses not listed elsewhere. o. Transportation Travel: Expenses related to transportation for which you do not. receive a mileage allowance (e.g., rental car)

Which of the following is a source of DoD travel regulations?

For DoD civilian employees, the JTR’s authority is primarily derived from U.S.C. Title 5 statutes, General Service Administration’s (GSA) Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), and the Department of State’s Standardized Regulations. For Uniformed Service members, the JTR’s authority is primarily derived from U.S.C.

Which commercial lodging type is located on near US installations?

Privatized lodging
Privatized lodging is lodging located on or near U.S. installations that is operated by a commercial lodging company and is corporately branded.

Where is the progress bar in DTS?

You can also navigate manually by using the Progress Bar on the left side of your DTS travel document. This handy tool serves several purposes: It shows you which reservations you have completed by displaying a green checkmark next to them. It lets you navigate to any area of your document.

How do I make a DTS travel claim?

Upon completion of your FUNDED travel authorization/orders you must file a travel voucher/claim within 5 days of return. Click on Official Travel; Select ‘Vouchers’ you will see a hyperlink ‘Create New Voucher from Authorization’. Select the appropriate trip to create the voucher against.

Where would you select to review a DTS document?

Select Edit. The document opens on the Review Trip screen (Figure 2) opens. From there, you can navigate to any DTS screen and make all necessary changes.

What is the Defense travel Regulation?

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) are for members of the Uniformed Services of the United States and DoD civilian employees and civilians who travel using DoD funding. The JTR contains regulations related to per diem, travel and transportation allowances, relocation allowances, and certain other allowances.

What is the primary difference between an NDEA and other travel preparers?

What is the primary difference between an NDEA and other travel preparers? Only NDEA can sign a voucher for travelers.

How do I complete DTS after travel?

What is PNR in DTS?

PASSENGER NAME RECORD (PNR) Record of information pertinent to traveler’s reservations. DTS creates PNR when user selects reservations.

How do I get a DTS certificate?

A Common Access Card (CAC) is used to log into DTS and sign travel documents. To get a certificate, contact your Local Registration Authority or DEERS/RAPIDS Verification Officer for CAC cards.

Does DTS offer 24-hour support?

DTS was established in 1988 to provide a wide range of portable, mobile and fixed two-way radio solutions, equipment and infrastructure. In addition, a fully equipped certification service center provides special, fixed-price maintenance, 24-hour support contracts and maintenance plans.

Where to find DTS Certs?

Click the “Tools” button in the menu bar.

  • Select “Internet Options.”
  • Click the “Privacy” tab.
  • Under the “Pop-up Blocker” section,click the “Settings” button.
  • Add the following URL to the list of Allowed Sites:*.defensetravel.osd.mil
  • Click the “Close” button.
  • Click the “Apply” button.
  • What is DTS travel?

    Does a traveler receive a different meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) rate for the first and last days of travel?

  • Does the time of departure or arrival affect the rate?
  • Does the Government meal rate or proportional meal rate apply on the first and last days of travel?
  • How does a traveler determine the M&IE rate for the travel day?
  • Who can use DTS?

    – Realistic sound quality – Works with any pair of headphones – Customizable voice volume control