What are the albergues like on Camino de Santiago?

What are the albergues like on Camino de Santiago?

Public albergues are usually bigger than private ones, some have up to 100 beds and are cheaper. Public albergues are exclusively for pilgrims walking the Camino, tourists can’t stay there. There is usually no bedding but most public albergues sell disposable sheets and pillow casing for 1 Euro.

How much are albergues on the Camino?

The second cheapest accommodation on the Camino. Private albergues belong to a person or a company anybody can stay there but most of the guests are usually pilgrims. They cost 10-12 Euro per bed. Private albergues usually have better facilities and are quite a bit smaller than public albergues.

How long does it take to walk the Camino Francés?

about 30 days
For a prepared and experienced hiker, this route takes about 30 days start to finish, covering nearly 500 miles. Keep in mind that the Camino Francés receives the most foot traffic, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to meet other pilgrims, but also a fair share of crowds during much of the year.

How difficult is the Camino Francés?

It’s relatively short, 321 km but it’s considered to be one of the toughest routes due to many steep ascents and descents. The Camino Primitivo starts in Oviedo, Spain. Via de la Plata (the Silver Way) – the longest established route of St. James, about 1000 km, one of the least walked routes, 3%.

How do you prevent bed bugs on the Camino?


  1. #1 – Keep Your Rucksack OFF the Bed.
  2. #2 – How to check for bedbugs.
  3. #3 – Wear bedclothes that cover your skin.
  4. #4 – Use Silk Sleep Sheet (or bed bug sheet)
  5. #5 – Perform a shakedown!
  6. #6 – Don’t panic if you find a bite!
  7. #7 – If you are bitten, then you need to tell someone!

Are there toilets on the Camino de Santiago?

Where Do You Go To The Bathroom On The Camino? There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants along the Camino route that are available for toilet breaks. There aren’t many sections of the route where you will have to hold it for more than 5 km.

Which Camino route is the hardest?

It is good for those coming from Barcelona, as they can start the walk a bit earlier. However, Jaca, which is the starting point, is harder to get for most pilgrims. This is the longest and most difficult Camino, starting from Seville. Many days are almost 20 miles, meaning you need to be fit for this route.

Is walking the Camino worth it?

The Camino not only gives you the opportunity to connect with strangers, but also gives you a lot of time to do it with nature and just think and meditate, because even if you have started with several people, sometimes you find yourself alone for long periods of time, cause each person has a different walking pace.

Are bed bugs a problem in Spain?

A Madrid neighbourhood fighting to get rid of the bothersome parasites has raised the alarm over a problem being seen across Spain. Experts say there are 70 percent more bedbugs now than five years ago.