What are the alternatives to bi-fold doors?

What are the alternatives to bi-fold doors?

Alternatives To Bi-Fold Closet Doors (You’ll Absolutely Love) Barn Doors Are a Statement Piece. Barn doors can add an interesting visual element to your space while providing functionality. Sliding Doors. Pocket Doors. Standard Doors and French Doors. Convert Bi-Fold Doors To Single Doors or French Doors.

How to install a bi-fold door?

Bifold Doors Overview. Bifold doors are much like any doors,only connected into pairs with hinges and hung on a track.

  • Mount the hinges. Finish or paint the doors before starting. Label the doors to show the order they’ll be installed and which sides face out.
  • Attach the track hardware. Fasten the pivot plates (the pins that fit into the track and the floor bracket),and the locking arms (the hooks that slide along the track)
  • Install the track. Use a hacksaw to cut the track to length to fit the closet opening.
  • Position the floor bracket. Use the measurements supplied by the manufacturer to position the floor bracket next to the door jamb.
  • Hang the doors. Bring the doors to the track and lift the jamb side to hook the pin of the top pivot plate into the pivot socket.
  • Attach the floor bracket. Swing the doors back into place and align the floor bracket with the pencil marks. Use a flexible bit extender to screw down the bracket.
  • Attach the door aligner. From inside the closet and with the doors closed,mount the door aligners between the two leading doors,6 inches up from the floor.
  • Install the door pulls. For flat doors,measure 36 inches from the floor on each leading door. Then mark the center,side-to-side,at that height.
  • How to convert bifold doors into Swing Out Doors?


  • Mending plate
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • 1-inch-by-3-inch board
  • Magnetic door closing mechanism
  • How to fit internal bifold doors?

    Internal bifold doors can sometimes be rather confusing when you’re trying to fit them. Taking the time to lay out all of the components and ensure that you have everything to hand will make the process much simpler.