What are the best topics to write about?

What are the best topics to write about?

Creative WritingA cozy spot at home.A dark hallway.A story about a holiday.A trip on a rocket ship.A walk in the woods.Dear George Washington.Donuts for dinner.Funny things my pet has done.

How do I choose an assignment topic?

Guidelines for Choosing a TopicChoose a topic that’s appropriate to the length of your paper. Avoid a topic that will tempt you to summarize rather than to discuss or analyze. Choose a topic that interests you. If your assignment requires research, choose a topic on which you can find material.

How do I terminate an employee in Oracle Apps r12?

To terminate an employee navigate to US HRMS Manager | People | Enter and Maintain | Others | End Employment.

How do I quit an employee in HRMS?

With the help of an HRMS, one can communicate the decision to terminate employment automatically. Counseling can be done by the HR professionals online and an exit interview could be conducted in an automated fashion as well.

How do I add an employee to HRMS?

How to add New Employee in HRMS – Generate Employee No.How to add new employee in HRMS and generate Employee Number. New Employee information Sheet. Add Beneficiary account no. Generate Employee No. Enter General Information. Enter Pay Information. Enter Office Details. Enter Relationship Information.