What are the different grades of pallets?

What are the different grades of pallets?

Most of the pallet industry classifies reconditioned 48”x40” four-way pallets into four categories: Grade A+ or super A’s (GMA spec), Grade A (also called a #1 pallet), Grade B (also called a #2 pallet), and Grade C (also called a #3 pallet).

What is a Class A pallet?

These “A” grade pallets are of the highest quality with a minimum of aesthetic and lumber damage. High “A” Grade GMA pallets, grades 1-3, have no stringer damage. These pallets typically have seven top and five bottom deckboards with specific lead board sizes.

What is the difference between A and B grade pallets?

A GRADE Pallet The specs on an A grade are more consistent than on a B grade pallet and will never have any block repairs to the stringers. The overall appearance is also better as an A grade pallets likely has had fewer cycles than a B grade.

What are three basic types of pallets?

Five Types of Pallets, Explained

  • 1.Block Pallets. These pallets are known for their four-way entry, meaning they can be accessed by forklifts on all four sides.
  • 2.Stringer Pallets.
  • 3.Double-Face Pallet.
  • 5.Solid Deck Pallet.

What is a AAA pallet?

AAA, Premium or Club Grade: This is an A Grade GMA that has often only been used once, all the components match because it has never had to be repaired, and is so fresh looking that many people would confuse it for a new pallet.

What grade of lumber is used for pallets?

Pallets and packaging are typically made using Grades 2 through 4. The lower grades of softwood have larger and more frequent knots.

What does B mean on a pallet?

Grade B —Typically this is a used pallet, which has had stringer (runner) damage and has been repaired by attaching an additional runner along side the damaged one. This is commonly referred to as a companion stringer, block stringer and double stringer.

What are the most used pallets?

Accounting for about 35% of the pallet market share, the 48 x 40 GMA pallet is the closest thing there is to a “standard” size. 48 x 48 pallets used to transport drums and 42 x 42 pallets used to ship paint and telecommunication equipment are the next most common sizes.

What is a 4 way pallet?

Four-way pallets have notched stringers or are supported blocks, allowing them to be lifted from any side. These pallets are usually heavier, bigger and more durable than two-way pallets.

What is GMA pallet?

What is GMA Pallet? As part of their efforts to make distribution operations smoother, the Grocery Manufacturers Association recommended a standard pallet footprint of 48″x40″. Pallets of these dimensions are now commonly referred to as GMA pallets and are widely used in North America and beyond.

What is a white wood pallet?

“White wood” is the nickname for a general exchange, non-rental pallet that is widely used in a variety of industries around the world. These pallets are sold to customers that then use the pallet as they see fit. The dominant footprint size is the U.S. consumer goods market is a 48×40.

What type of wood is most pallets made of?

The Material Used to Make Pallets These are oak and southern yellow pine (or SYP for short). Oak is used because of its strength and wide availability. There is often a surplus of oak leftover from markets such as housing or furniture construction, which is then used in pallet production.