What are the threads on a garden hose?

What are the threads on a garden hose?

Threads are garden hose thread (GHT), which is 3/4″ diameter strait (non-tapered) thread with a pitch of 11.5 threads per inch (TPI) on one end and tapered NPT (National Pipe Thread) on the other.

What thread is a hose bib?

GHT vs. NPT: Quick Comparison

Item: (based on 3/4” thread size) Garden hose threads (GHT)
Standard 11.5 TPI
Diameter (OD) 1.062” or 1 1/16”
Applications and uses For transporting water for landscaping, lawn care, and gardening
Fitting types Faucet, spigots, tap, bibcock, Silcock, and hose bib

What thread does fire hose use?

NH/NST. NH stands for National Hose and NST stands for National Standard Thread. This is often referred to as “fire hose thread” because fire departments use it the most. It’s popular on many fire hydrants and accessories.

What size are hose pipe threads?

Of the threaded connectors, the fitting can be either hose thread or pipe thread depending on the application. Hose threads are almost always the same size, ¾”.

Are garden hose threads NPT?

Garden hose adapters and connectors are fittings that have a standard 3/4″ garden hose thread (GHT) connection on one end and a connection with a different thread type on the other end, such as National Pipe Taper (NPT).

What is the difference between MPT and NPT?

MPT and FPT are both sub-types of NPT. National Pipe Threads (NPT) have tapered threads….

Definition of Pipe Thread Acronyms
NPT National Pipe Thread (tapered)
FPT Female Pipe Thread (interchangeable with NPT)
FIP Female Iron Pipe (interchangeable with NPT)
MPT Male Pipe Thread (interchangeable with NPT)

What is the difference between MIP and FIP threads?

MPT stands for Male Pipe Thread and MIP stands for Male Iron Pipe which both indicate a male fitting with NPT threads. FPT stands for Female Pipe Threads and FIP stands for Female Iron Pipe which both indicate a female fitting with NPT threads.

What is the difference between NPT and NST thread?

NST also goes by the initials NH or National Hose. It can even be referred to as NHT or National Hose Thread but NST or NH is more common these days. NH = NST. Fire hoses with National Pipe Straight Hose Thread (NPSH) has the same threads per inch as National Pipe Thread (NPT) but the threads do not taper.

What does NPT thread mean?

National Pipe Tapered Thread
In America, William Sellers set the standard for nuts, bolts, and screws which became the National Pipe Tapered Thread (NPT) in 1864. His 60 degree thread angle, in common use by early American clockmakers, enabled the American Industrial Revolution. These thread forms later became the American National Standard.

What size is a standard hose connection?

In the US, hoses are normally supplied with a 3/4″ GHT fitting on the bib end of the hose so that it can be screwed straight onto the bib. Screw a 3/4 -inch brass or plastic fitting onto the tap.

Is NPT compatible with ght?

GHT is not compatible with NPT. For example, 3/4″ GHT is not the same as 3/4″ NPT. British Standard Pipe (BSP) can be most commonly found in Canada, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. It is a finer thread than National Pipe Thread (NPT), and will not seal properly if used in conjunction with it.

Are MPT and NPT threads compatible?

MPT Male Pipe Thread (interchangeable with NPT) National pipe thread connection to an FPT (Female Pipe Thread) or equivalently an FIP (Female Iron Pipe).