What colors did the 1986 Corvette come in?

What colors did the 1986 Corvette come in?

Color Options for 1986

  • Silver metallic.
  • Medium Gray Metallic.
  • Medium Blue Metallic.
  • Yellow.
  • White.
  • Black.
  • Gold Metallic.
  • Silver Beige Metallic.

What is a 1986 Corvette worth?

MSRP for a 1986 Corvette convertible was $32,480, but today one in #2 condition is worth about half that: $16,700. One in #1 condition is valued at $21,200. According to our data, the average auction price for 1986 Corvette convertibles over the last seven years is $12,900.

What is the most popular color for Corvettes?

Torch Red
Of the twelve available exterior colors, Torch Red was by far the most popular, accounting for 5,171 cars of the 26,216-unit production run. Arctic White was second at 3,769 cars, followed by Red Mist at 3,476 cars.

What colors did the C4 Corvette come in?

Your favorite stock C4 color

  • 05 Dark Purple Metallic. Votes: 4 2.5%
  • 10 White. Votes: 9 5.6%
  • 13 Sebring Silver Metallic. Votes: 5 3.1%
  • 28 Admiral Blue. Votes: 17 10.5%
  • 41 Black. Votes: 27 16.7%
  • 43 Bright Aqua Metallic. Votes: 4 2.5%
  • 45 Polo Green Metallic. Votes: 15 9.3%
  • 66 Copper Metallic. Votes: 2 1.2%

What color was first Corvette?

Notes: All 1953 Corvettes were polo white with red interior.

What years did Corvette come in orange?

2006 saw the re-introduction of high performance Z06 model, weighing only 3132 pounds with a 427 cubic inch dry sump engine producing 505 HP. Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic, a popular color choice in 2005 & 2006, was replaced by Atomic Orange in 2007, an extra cost color choice.

Was 1986 a good year for Corvettes?

And America’s favorite sports car, already superb, is for 1986 even better.” And simply, by saying the new ‘Vette was “Better than ever.” So, with the 1986 off the board, which Corvette will end up taking home bragging rights as the best ‘Vette of the ’80s?

Is a 1986 Corvette reliable?

Bought my Corvette new in 1986 and it has 33,057 miles on it now (2019)….Faults:

Year of manufacture 1986
Most recent year of ownership 2019
Engine and transmission 5.7 liter Automatic
Performance marks 10 / 10
Reliability marks 10 / 10

What is the classic Corvette color?

Since day one Corvette was all about flash with colors like Polo White with a bright red interior, too Pennant Blue or Sportsman Red, in 1953 and 1954. 1955 continued with the flash with colors like Corvette Copper, Harvest Gold, and Gypsy Red.

Do Corvettes hold their value?

You can get the Corvette as a coupe or as a convertible to make it a true marvel of American engineering. This German machine has a predicted resale value of 48.9% after five years of ownership.