What companies does IMI own?

What companies does IMI own?

We’re spilt into three business divisions – IMI Precision Engineering, IMI Critical Engineering and IMI Hydronic Engineering. Each is set up to solve our customers’ problems and allow us to expand our fluid engineering capabilities.

What does IMI do?

We’re world-leaders in the design and manufacturing of specialist motion and fluid control technologies. We specialise in delivering severe application solutions for vital energy and process industries.

Is IMI still in business?

IMI Revenues Continue to Grow Despite Significant Headwinds in the Global Supply Chain. “Customer demand is still strong and we continue to win projects in strategic segments of the industry. However, the extended component shortage is forcing us to delay a significant amount of business” said IMI president Jerome Tan.

What is IMI business?

IMI plc (LSE: IMI), formerly Imperial Metal Industries, is a British-based engineering company headquartered in Birmingham, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

How many employees does IMI have?

We operate through three divisions – IMI Precision Engineering, IMI Critical Engineering and IMI Hydronic Engineering – and employ around 10,000 people in over 50 countries around the world. Our purpose Our purpose is our reason for being.

What is IMI graduate program?

Our Programmes For graduates looking to build an international career at the cutting edge of engineering and technology, IMI is the place to be. We run engineering, and non-engineering graduate programmes in each of our three divisions – Precision, Critical and Hydronic Engineering.

What is IMI qualification?

IMI is the retail motor industry’s first choice for automotive qualifications and accreditations. We are committed to advancing the motor industry by raising the importance of vocational learning and professional achievement.

Who owns IMI ammunition?

It is currently the sole source for the ammunition used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and IMI’s products have been qualified with the U.S. military and various NATO nations. IMI is owned and operated by the government of Israel, and it employs nearly 3,000 people. IMI is a serious, high-tech company.

What is the full form of IMI?

Abbreviation for intramuscular injection.

How many factories does IMI have across 10 countries?

From our 21 manufacturing plants in ten countries, we provide engineering, manufacturing support and fulfillment capabilities to diverse industries globally.

How do I join the IMI?

IMI MEMBERSHIP IS AWARDED ON THE BASIS OF YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. You can join the IMI as an Affiliate member if you’re interested in supporting our aims, are working towards a full membership grade, or are just interested in the automotive sector.

How long do IMI qualifications last?

An individual will need to do a full assessment and will be valid for five years.