What did Liam say about One Direction?

What did Liam say about One Direction?

In a video for Music Choice, Liam Payne was asked about some of his bandmates’ solo music. He said Styles’ single “Sign of the Times”‘ is not “[his] sort of music” and isn’t something he’d listen to but he respects Harry’s taste and thinks he “did a great job of doing what he wanted to do.”

Who was Liam closest to in One Direction?

One Direction’s Liam Payne And Louis Tomlinson’s Cutest Friendship Moments

  • Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are the closest 1D members. Picture: Getty.
  • Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are especially close out of the 1D boys. Picture: Getty.
  • Liam Payne joined Louis Tomlinson at judges’ houses. Picture: PA.

When did Liam unfollow 1D?

Fans noticed on Jan. 26 that Payne unfollowed the One Direction account on Instagram, which made some of them lose hope about a potential reunion for the band. “Liam unfollowed One Direction on [Instagram] and it broke my heart into pieces,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Did One Direction perform drunk?

Liam Payne admits to being drunk on stage with ‘toxic’ One Direction.

Are Louis and Liam still friends?

Liam said on the Diary of a CEO podcast that he and Louis are good friends: “Louis I speak to a lot, we’ve always had a really close connection.” He said the pair “hated each other” at the start of 1D, but thinks this is almost why they ended up growing so close.

Who is the hottest guy in One Direction?

Click the arrow and find out all the reasons why Zayn is the hottest member of One Direction! He was voted Glamour magazine’s sexiest man in 2016 so clearly a lot of people think he’s H-O-T. He knows how to model, naturally.

Why did Harry unfollow Louis?

As for Harry and Louis, after six years of having fans convinced they’re secretly dating, tormenting their girlfriends, and ultimately ruining their friendship, it makes sense they’re not buddies anymore. “[The harassment] took away the vibe you get off anyone,” Louis also said on The Dan Wootton Interview.

Is Niall still friends with Liam?

Liam and Niall Back in 2020, Niall did an Instagram Live and Liam ended up joining him on it. That same year, Liam said in an interview that he’d just had a “beautiful FaceTime” with Niall and said the pair “hadn’t spoken in a long time”.

What alcohol does Louis Tomlinson drink?

“Laurie” asked Louie what his alcoholic beverage of choice was, not including beer, and it turned out to be a pretty easy question for the “We Made It” singer to answer. “Vodka Red Bull. That’s it,” he said. “I’m not quite picky with drinks.

Who is Liam Payne’s best friend?

Liam Payne revealed in This Is Us that, if he wasn’t in One Direction right now, he’d be working as a fireman and fighting to save lives. And it seems as if he’s done just that, as it’s been revealed he rescued best friend Andy Samuels from a balcony explosion last night.

Who is the least popular member of 1D?

As it turns out, Harry Styles is apparently the least popular member of the band. According to the results, 25.7 per cent of fans say Harry is their least favourite 1D boy.

Is Harry more successful than Zayn?

In terms of their music, Styles and Malik couldn’t be farther apart. In terms of success, they’re comparable. However, only one of the two singers can be more successful than the other.