What did the view say about nurses?

What did the view say about nurses?

“The View” co-host Michelle Collins discussed the performance on the show, saying that “there was a girl who wrote her own monologue and I was like ‘Turn the volume up, this is going be amazing, let’s listen. ‘ She came out in a nurse’s uniform and basically read her emails out loud and, shockingly, did not win.”

What did joy from the view say about nurses?

“I was looking at a Miss America tape, and there’s a woman wearing an outfit with a stethoscope, and I’m thinking is she in a costume? I didn’t know she was a nurse,” Behar shared. “I’m used to seeing them in gowns and bathing suits. It’s not like I was trying to be funny.

Who called it a doctor stethoscope?

Accounts vary on exactly how Laennec created his invention, but it was clear from the beginning that the acoustic properties of the tube greatly improved Laennec’s ability to hear vital heart and lung sounds. Laennec coined the name “stethoscope” from two Greek words: stethos (chest) and skopein (to view or see).

Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope?

“I swear to God it was hilarious,” Collins replied. “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” Behar asked before Collins clarified, “She helps patients with Alzheimer’s, which I know is not funny, but I swear you had to see it.”

Who said nurses play cards?

State Senator Maureen Walsh
Nonetheless, Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh said the following when discussing a proposed state bill SHB 1155 that would mandate uninterrupted meal and rest periods for nurses: I understand helping with employees and making sure that we have rest breaks and things like that.

Did a black person invent the stethoscope?

More than 50 items invented by blacks, including the stethoscope, ice cream scoop, gas mask, rolling pin, typewriter, pencil sharpener, egg beater, ironing board and guitar, were on display with the name of the inventor and the year they were invented.

Who is Senator Maureen Walsh?

Maureen S. Walsh (born November 18, 1960) is an American politician who served as a member of the Washington State Senate, representing the 16th district from 2017 to 2021. A member of the Republican Party, she previously served as a member of the Washington House of Representatives from 2005 to 2017.

Who is called the father of chest medicine?

He became a lecturer at the Collège de France in 1822 and professor of medicine in 1823. His final appointments were that of head of the medical clinic at the Hôpital de la Charité and professor at the Collège de France. He died of tuberculosis in 1826 at age 45….

René Laennec
Known for inventing the stethoscope

Why do doctors ask you to take a deep breath?

Your doctor will also instruct you to take deep breaths while they listen. Deep breaths use the entire lung and thus provide more information if something’s going on deep inside. They’re looking for abnormal sounds, which can point to a potential health problem.

What does crackles on auscultation mean?

Crackles (rales) are caused by excessive fluid (secretions) in the airways. It is caused by either an exudate or a transudate. Exudate is due to lung infection e.g pneumonia while transudate such as congestive heart failure.