What do I do when my Mac says no bootable device?

What do I do when my Mac says no bootable device?

To fix the “No Bootable Device” error, you can try repairing the Boot Camp partition—steps are as follows: a) Turn on your Mac, then immediately press and hold Command + R keys. Release them when the Apple logo appears. Your Mac boots into macOS Recovery mode.

How do I fix no bootable device found?

How to fix “No Boot device found” on Windows 10

  1. Restart the computer and tap Esc to enter the BIOS interface.
  2. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard until the Boot tab is opened. Move “Hard Drive” to the top of the boot order list by pressing “+” or “-”.
  3. Press F10 to save the changes and restart the computer.

How do I fix no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key?

Table of Contents

  1. Fix 1. Change the Boot Mode to UEFI.
  2. Fix 2. Take Out CMOS Battery to Make the Device Back to Factory Settings.
  3. Fix 3. Reset the Boot Manager via Command Prompt.
  4. Fix 4. Undertake Startup Repair.

How do I fix Uefi no bootable device?


  1. From a power off state, power on the system and Press F2 at the Dell logo to boot into the BIOS setup menu.
  2. Choose Boot sequence and change the option from Legacy to UEFI then click Apply in the lower right corner of the screen (Figure 2):

What is the Option key on a macbook?

The PC-keyboard equivalent of Alt on a Mac is called the Option key, and you’ll find the Option Key on your Mac if you go two keys to the left of the spacebar.

How do I choose what operating system my Mac is on at startup?

If you’re using a Mac notebook computer with an external keyboard, make sure you press and hold the Option key on the built-in keyboard. in the right side of the taskbar, click the Boot Camp icon , then choose Restart in macOS. This also sets the default operating system to macOS.

What does no bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key mean?

Error message “No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key” appears when users are trying to turn on their systems. As it turns out, the problem in question appears when your system cannot detect the hard drive or the location where you have installed an operating system.

What does Command H do on Mac?

Command-H: Hide the windows of the front app. To view the front app but hide all other apps, press Option-Command-H. Command-M: Minimize the front window to the Dock. To minimize all windows of the front app, press Option-Command-M.

Can you boot from USB on Mac?

Getting your Mac to load from a USB drive is fairly straightforward. Insert the USB boot media into an open USB slot. Press the Power button to turn on your Mac (or Restart your Mac if it’s already on). When you hear the startup chime, press and hold the Option key.

Can you change operating system on Mac?

If your Mac is running a newer version of the MacOS you won’t be able to install an older version on top of it. You will have to completely wipe your Mac before you can install an older version of macOS or Mac OS X. … You could install the version you require on an external drive, for example.

What is Command Shift 3 on Mac?

How to take a screenshot on your Mac. To take a screenshot, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command, and 3. If you see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen, click it to edit the screenshot. Or wait for the screenshot to save to your desktop.

What does Command B do?

Alternatively known as Cmd+B, Command+B is a keyboard shortcut most often used to toggle bold text on and off. On Windows computers, the keyboard shortcut for bold is Ctrl + B .

How to fix no bootable device found error after installing Ubuntu?

Fix no bootable device found error after installing Ubuntu Step 1. Turn the power off and boot into boot settings. I had to press Fn+F2 (to press F2 key) on Acer Aspire R13… Step 2. In the boot settings, make sure that Secure Boot is turned on. It should be under the Boot tab. Step 3. Go to

Why does my Mac say no bootable device — insert Disk?

But, sometimes, your Mac might not boot and throw the “ No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key ” error. Mac tries to boot from Windows in Boot Camp Partition instead of Macintosh HD. Mac storage drive’s Boot Camp Partition is corrupt or inaccessible.

Is it possible to boot Ubuntu with refit boot?

I have installed ubuntu alongside macintosh 10.8.5 (mountain lion) with rEFIt boot. I have been using ubuntu for a few months with no problems. rEFIt tends to not work, and I always have to run enable.sh but I could still boot ubuntu using the option key. Today I tried to boot ubuntu with no luck.

How do I boot a Mac into Windows using bootcamp?

b) In the macOS Utilities window, select Disk Utility, then click Continue. From the sidebar, select BOOTCAMP and click the First Aid button, then click Run. Once the drive is repaired, your Mac might boot into Windows using the Boot Camp partition.