What do you mean by batten?

What do you mean by batten?

noun. Definition of batten (Entry 2 of 3) 1a British : a piece of lumber used especially for flooring. b : a thin narrow strip of lumber used especially to seal or reinforce a joint. 2 : a strip, bar, or support resembling or used similarly to a batten (as in a sail)

What is a batten and for what is it used?

batten, term used in joinery for a board 4 to 7 inches (10 to 17.8 cm) wide and not more than 3 inches (7.6 cm) thick employed for various purposes. In sailing the word is applied to a strip of wood nailed to a mast to prevent rubbing or to fix down a tarpaulin over a hatchway in rough weather.

Why is it called a batten?

Historically a staple of Arts and Crafts architecture, board and batten originated as a form of house siding. The term “batten” refers to the strip of molding placed across the joint between boards.

What is a batten door definition?

Definition of batten door : a door made of usually narrow boards set lengthwise and secured by battens nailed crosswise.

What is batten in steel structure?

Explanation: Battens are plates or any other rolled section used to connect the main components of compression members. Battens should be placed opposite to each other on the two parallel faces of compression members. Number of battens in a column should be such that member is divided into not less than three bays.

What is batten in roofing?

“Battens” is the common professional term for an Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) roofing system and is also referred to as “strapping”, or “strips”. Roofing materials are attached on top of a 2’x2′ wood batten grid, creating a 1-½” continuous airspace.

How wide are batten strips?

A true batten is 2-inches in width or smaller, but you can use larger widths by installing trim in place of a batten if you want a thicker appearance. They’re installed directly over the vertical panels to get the traditional look.

What is batten in frame?

Battens – are a length of squared timber or metal used to hold something in place or as fastening against a wall. In this picture, the roof battens have been installed ready for the roof tiles to be laid on top. Joists – are supportive timbers which the flooring is fixed to.

What is a batten wall?

This is a twist on a board and batten, which basically means putting wood strips on your wall in a pattern or design! But we did it in a shaker style. It’s an affordable way to give character to your home, add a focal point, and elevate your space.

What is a flush door means?

Definition of flush door : a door with a flush surface that is not divided into panels and moldings — compare panel door.

What is Panelled door?

A panel door is most popular doors that are used in the house since old. It is strong and gives better appearance than battened doors. For an aesthetic look of the house, the panel door may be constructed with 4 panels or 6 panels. They are available as either inward or outward opening.

What is batten in column?

Batten columns are compression members composed of two or more similar longitudinal components (chords) which are connected at points along their length with batten plates as transverse connectors. These connectors ensure that the column behaves as one integral unit to achieve the maximum axial capacity.