What does BB stand for in fashion?

What does BB stand for in fashion?

Complete List of Fashion Acronyms & Abbreviations

Acronym Meaning Category
B Big and Tall Apparel
BB Brooks Brothers Brands
BD Button Down Apparel
BDU Battle Dress Uniform Apparel

What Doessup stand for?

Definition of ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ Definition: Unique Selling Proposition or USP is the one feature or the perceived benefit of a good which makes it unique from the rest of the competing brands in the market.

What does GC stand for in fashion?

July 2008. Gc, a brand based in Switzerland and focusing on affordable luxury, is ten years old this year and is firmly entrenched as a member of the Swiss watch industry. Gc originally stood for Guess Collection and was designed to be the high-end collection for the Guess range.

What does Ccbp stand for?


Acronym Definition
CCBP Comprehensive Capacity Building Programme (various locations)
CCBP Communication and Coordination in Business Processes (international workshop)
CCBP Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines., Inc. (Philippines)
CCBP Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

What does S S mean in fashion?

Short-Sleeved (clothing) S/S.

What does pm mean in clothing?

We aren’t actually certain what BB actually stands for, but since it usually refers to a mini sized bag, we are guessing it stands for “baby bandouliere” which means “baby shoulder bag.” PM: Petit Model or “small model” in French. MM: Moyen Modèle, or Medium Model, for a medium/large sized bag.

What is USP slang?

“Unique Selling Point” is the most common definition for USP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. USP. Definition: Unique Selling Point.

What does USP mean in writing?

Simply put, your unique selling proposition is what makes your business different from everyone else in your market.

What does SS stand for in fashion?

“What does the SS and AW in SS15 and AW15 stand for within the world of fashion?” SS15 stands for the Spring Summer fashion season in the year 2015. The AW stands for the Autumn Winter season!

What is DTM in garments?

DTM is abbreviated as Dyed to Match. An item (trims) is dyed to match the colour of the fabric used in the garments. DTM (in garments) is a very common term used by apparel buyers and garment suppliers in the garment industry.

Is Ccbp 4.0 useful?

CCBP 4.0 helped me in building my concepts of Competitive Programming and clear the coding rounds of Amazon, Mastercard and Cisco. The mentors are excellent. The teaching methodologies and the tricks & techniques discussed are really good and have helped me solve a lot of problems during my preparation.

What is aw in fashion?

A-w definition The definition of A/W is a British abbreviation for autumn/winter, usually used to discuss a specific fashion season. An example of A/W is the fashion line that comes out in August. abbreviation.