What does Ghoul mean in Monster High?

What does Ghoul mean in Monster High?

Fur real: for real (Monster High book series) Furrious: furious (Teen Scream) Fearious: serious (Clawdeen Wolf, Great Scarrier Reef) Ghoul: good (Operetta’s ‘Campus Stroll’ diary) Ghoulest: coolest (common)

How old is Clawdwolf?

Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) is the 15-year-old daughter of a werewolf who has a large family; two of her siblings Clawd and Howleen are currently studying in Monster High with her, and her older sister Clawdia has graduated and is a working adult.

What is the Monster High slogan?

(Where) Freaky Just Got Fabulous!
Darren was involved with the early concepts for the brand; he came up with the slogan “(Where) Freaky Just Got Fabulous!”. He also remarked that because the characters were monsters, they had more freedom to do things that ordinary kids could not do.

Is draculaura adopted?

Dracula turned Draculaura into a vampire before she could die too, beginning her life as an immortal. One way or another, Draculaura ended up being adopted by Dracula and eventually moved with him to the USA after being chased away by angry villagers.

Who is Venus McFlytrap parents?

Venus McFlytrap is a Monster High student and the daughter of the Plant Monster. She is kind of similar to Poison Ivy but in a good way.

What is Draculaura’s freaky flaw?

Draculaura. Killer Style: I love to splash my black outfits with some cheery pink, and I even carry a frilly umbrella so I can take an occasional walk in the sun. Freaky Flaw: Since I can’t see my reflection in a mirror, I have to leave the house not knowing if my clothes and makeup are just right.

Are Clawd and clawdeen twins?

Clawdeen Wolf is one of the main protagonists in Monster High. She is the daughter of the Werewolf and the sister of Clawd, Clawdia and Howleen Wolf.

Does clawdeen have a crush on lagoona?

Clawdeen says “It was just happy feelings, though.” Clawdeen says that her heart began to overflow with love for him because they went on the date. Then Draculaura asks if they met many times, Lagoona says she really wanted to see him, and Frankie asks when she’s going back.

Is Twyla a ghost?

Twyla is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a freshman student at Monster High and is a boogeyman, daughter of the Boogey Man, she lives in the Boogey Mansion, a manor maze in New Salem, and beginning of her first introduction as a new character, the same age as Howleen Wolf, which is 14.