What does SEW Eurodrive do?

What does SEW Eurodrive do?

SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG is a German manufacturing company headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany. The company produces gear units, motors, electric motor and inverter technology.

What is the use of frequency inverter?

Frequency inverters are electronic devices that let you control the speed of an AC motor. Background: If electric motors or AC motors are operated directly from an AC voltage supply system, they can only avail of a fixed speed based on the number of poles and the supply frequency of the power supply system on location.

What’s the difference between a low frequency and high frequency inverter?

In fact, low-frequency inverters can operate at the peak power level which is up to 300% of their nominal power level for several seconds, while high-frequency inverters can operate at 200% power level for a small fraction of a second.

What is a digital frequency inverter?

A frequency inverter is an electronic device which enables the conversion of an electrical variable ‘current’. In this case, the frequency inverter transforms an AC current with a certain (fixed) frequency into a voltage with variable amplitude and frequency.


SEW-EURODRIVE is the recognised market leader of drive engineering, now stretching across all five continents and employing over 16,000 people. The founders had a simple idea. Manufactured modular components would be sent to assembly centres around the world.

Where is SEW-EURODRIVE headquarters?

Bruchsal, GermanySEW-EURODRIVE / Headquarters

What is the difference between frequency converter and inverter?

The primary difference between the two products is that the inverter section in a frequency converter attempts to maintain consistent voltage and frequency output regardless of current output, while the frequency inverter varies the voltage and frequency with generally consistent current output to speed up or slow down …

Why are low frequency inverters better?

Low-frequency inverters have the advantage over high-frequency inverters in two fields: peak power capacity, and reliability. Low-frequency inverters are designed to deal with higher power spikes for longer periods of time than high-frequency inverters.

How does a high frequency inverter work?

High frequency power inverters typically convert the DC to AC by driving the transistors at a much higher frequency from 50 Kilo Hz to a few million Hz.

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