What does SIS company do?

What does SIS company do?

Security and Intelligence Services (India) Limited (SIS) is a leading provider of private security facility management and cash logistics services. SIS is the 2nd largest & fastest growing Security services company in India and the largest security services company in Australia.

Is sis a government company?

SIS India Pvt. Ltd. is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 29 Sep, 1999. It’s a private unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

Is sis a good company?

Great company. SIS provided me with the best training in security that I have ever received. I excel at every security position because of the training I received. Amazing company with great pay.

Who is the owner of SIS security?

R.K Sinha
R.K Sinha, Founder & Group Chairman. Mr. R. K. Sinha is a first generation entrepreneur and the Founder of Security & Intelligence Services (India) Limited (SIS).

What type of business is SIS?

SiS is regarded as a leader in science-led endurance nutrition globally. The core range comprises gels, powders and bars focused on energy, hydration, and recovery.

Where is the head office of SIS security?

IndiaSIS Limited / Headquarters

What does the term SIS mean?

Cis, short for cisgender (pronounced sis-gender, or just sis), is a term that means whatever gender you are now is the same as what was presumed for you at birth. This simply means that when a parent or doctor called you a boy or a girl when you were born, they got it right.

Where are SiS manufactured?

Energy, hydration, and recovery. Almost every product is made at the factory in Nelson, and on a bitingly cold day in February, RCUK is shown around the premises by New Product Director, Luke Heeney. In a competitive market, SiS holds a significant position.

Where is SiS made?

Nelson, Lancashire
SiS was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in London, EC1N. Its manufacturing facility is in Nelson, Lancashire.

What is security agency services?

A security agency is a governmental organization that conducts intelligence activities for the internal security of a nation. They are the domestic cousins of foreign intelligence agencies, and typically conduct counterintelligence to thwart other countries’ foreign intelligence efforts.

What should I name my security company?

What are some good security business names?

  • Patrol (Metro Patrol)
  • Lock (Iron Lock)
  • 365 (Secure365)
  • Warrior (Warrior Security Services)
  • Sergeant (Sergeant Security)
  • Eye (EyeQ Surveillance)