What does the color yellow symbolize in Fever 1793?

What does the color yellow symbolize in Fever 1793?

When Mattie’s mom, Lucinda, contracts yellow fever, she’s brought to the coffeehouse in a wheelbarrow, representing the fear people felt during this epidemic. She depends on Mattie as a mother, and this symbolizes Mattie’s completion of her journey into adulthood.

How did the grandfather die in Fever 1793?

Matilda does her best to provide food for herself and her grandfather, scavenging what she can from the small garden. Grandfather intervenes and gets injured in a scuffle with one of the robbers. He dies with Matilda at his side. It’s all very, very sad, and Mattie, completely alone now, takes it pretty darn hard.

What does the hot air balloon symbolize to Mattie prior to the fever epidemic?

Prior to the fever epidemic, to Mattie, the hot air balloon symbolizes being let go of her mother’s grip. The actual French inventor who flew his hot air balloon across the English Channel and over the skies of Philadelphia, near Walnut Street Prison was Pierre Blanchard.

What is the main conflict in Fever 1793?

The most important conflict in this novel is the internal conflict that Mattie has to face with death. As the events in the novel clearly demonstrate, humans are very frail creatures who can die very quickly indeed.

How do the Ogilvie daughters treat Matilda?

How do the Ogilvie daughters regard Matilda? They stick their tongues out at her, prevent her from eating, and insult her. They insult her at first but then invite her to come back again after they got to know her.

What did the clerk want to do with Mattie?

What did the clerk want to do with Mattie? He wanted to send Mattie to the orphan house.

Which two times does the mockingbird appear to Mattie?

The mockingbird appears to Mattie first on the morning of September 6, 1973, and then again two days later in the afternoon.

Who sends Mattie Eliza and the children a lot of food?

So that Mattie will not get sick again. Who sends Mattie, Eliza, and the children a lot of food? Joseph.

What fish does Mattie catch?


What is the climax of the story Fever 1793?

The Climax of the story is when the Grandfather dies. At that point she had decided what she was going to do. Her grandfather’s death was the point where Mattie had to grow up and take responsibility for herself and others. The rising action of the story is when Matilda had found Eliza, Nell and Joseph.

What does the mockingbird symbolize in Fever 1793?

Answer and Explanation: The mockingbird symbolizes peace of mind in Fever 1793.

What happened to Colette at the end of the afternoon tea?

Mother gets involved. Before punches are thrown, Colette suddenly collapses.