What does YKK mean on a zipper?

What does YKK mean on a zipper?

Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha
YKK, it turns out, is a Japanese company. (It stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha–far too long to print on a zipper.) It’s got about half of the world’s zipper business. And it has a zipper factory in Macon, Georgia, where they make about 5 million zippers a day. They melt copper.

What size is my YKK zipper?

Zipper size refers to the size of the teeth of the zipper. Size can also be referred to as weight. As you can see from the size chart below, the larger the number the larger the width of the teeth. *Note: some competitors refer to #5 as #6 and #10 as #9, but #5 and #10 are the correct YKK sizes.

Are YKK zippers the best?

As Seth Stevenson wrote in Slate, “YKK makes incredibly dependable zippers, ships them on time without fail, offers a wide range of colors, materials, and styles, and never gets badly undercut on price.” Because of its reliability, YKK is popular for manufacturers.

What is a #8 zipper?

Description: #8 molded plastic separating zippers feature teeth that measure approximately 8mm (0.3 inches) wide when zipped. Often called sport zippers or parka zippers, #8 molded plastic separating zippers separate at the bottom, jacket-style. These are one-way zippers (they have one slider).

How can you tell a real YKK zipper?

The zipper type is determined by the zipper chain (teeth or coil). Plastic molded zippers are the most common type used in heavy outerwear. For YKK brand zippers Vislon is used to indicate plastic zippers so you will often see 5VS, 8VS, or 10V. Other zipper brands may have only a number to indicate size.

What percentage of zippers are YKK?

YKK has the industry all zipped up: The company accounts for 46 percent of the global zipper market. There are 4.5 billion zippers of all kinds consumed in the U.S. per year. That’s 14 zippers for every American per year.

What are standard zipper lengths?

7 to 22 inches
Length of Zipper Zippers come in a variety of standard lengths, from 7 to 22 inches. There are other lengths available for special projects, and zippers by the yard are available.

What does #5 zipper mean?

Zippers are sized with a number designation (e.g. #5, #10). These numbers are based on the approximate width of the zipper teeth in millimeters when the zipper is closed. So a #5 zipper’s teeth measure approximately 5mm across, a #10 zipper’s teeth measure approximately 10mm across, and so on.

Who is YKK competitor?

YKK’s competitors YKK’s top competitors include Haver & Boecker, Apexx Omni-Graphics, In Tolerance Contract Manufacturing and Vahl. YKK is a company that manufactures zippers, fastening products, architectural products, plastic hardware, and industrial machinery.

What is a number 10 zipper?

What is a #3 or #5 zipper?

#3 zippers have teeth that are 3mm wide, and almost always have tape that is 1″ wide. #5 zippers have teeth that are 5mm wide, and the tape is around 1.25″ wide.

Are there fake YKK zippers?

Recently, counterfeit YKK zippers have been distributed throughout Asia. To make matters worse, garments and footwear containing these products are seen frequently worldwide.

How does YKK ensure quality?

Each YKK production site conducts various quality tests and reports the results to Japan HQ on a regular basis in order to maintain and assure a consistent quality level. Our system of vertically integrated manufacturing also allows us to provide our customers with the consistent quality products that they have come to expect.

Where is the YKK national manufacturing center located?

In 1972, YKK Corporation purchased 54 acres in Ocmulgee Park in Macon, Georgia to build its National Manufacturing Center, which opened in 1974.

Where are YKK zippers made?

YKK entered the U.S. market in 1960 as Yoshida International, a zipper distributor. In 1972, YKK Corporation purchased 54 acres in Ocmulgee Park in Macon, Georgia to build its National Manufacturing Center, which opened in 1974.