What grease should be used on brake caliper pins?

What grease should be used on brake caliper pins?

Our recommendation is to go with silicone and PFPE-type brake caliper grease formulas that can withstand temperatures between -40 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Polyglycol follows, working well in temperatures between -40 and 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

What happens if you don’t grease caliper pins?

This lack of lubrication causes a few things to happen. First, because the brakes don’t contact the rotor properly, your brake pads can wear unevenly. Second, the slide pins may stick, causing the brake pad to continually contact the rotor, resulting in a buildup of heat, which wears your brake pads down faster.

Can I use lithium grease on brake calipers?

White lithium is a low-temperature grease that can be used to lubricate drum brake hardware and backing plates, but lacks the heat-resistance for front disc brake applications. So this type of grease is not the best choice for general brake work.

Is brake grease necessary?

Keeping the brakes on your car lubricated is crucial to ensure that they work properly. It is critical to make sure that brake caliper grease or lubricant is applied to the correct part of the brake; an incorrectly lubricated brake can cause it to stop working entirely.

How often should you grease caliper pins?

If you have uneven wear on a pad or something like that, suspect that there’s probably an issue with the caliper or the sliding mechanism of the caliper. Now the thing here is that you should be checking your brakes and lubricating all this stuff about every 12-15 thousand miles or once a year.

Should you use Loctite on caliper bolts?

You can use blue on the bolts that hold the brake caliper bracket. Don’t use red on anything unless you have impact tools that can take it off if you need to do any other repairs. I have replaced my rotors 3 times and have never needed to use loctite on the brake caliper bracket.

What is Red Rubber grease?

Red Rubber Grease is used to protect & lubricate rubber components. It is manufactured using vegetable oil as the base lubricant. Vegetable oil is used as unlike other oils it does not damage rubber. The red colour is due to the addition of a red dye to make it easily distinguishable from other greases.

Can I use Moly grease on brakes?

Because MOLY BRAKe LUBE contains a dry-film, boundary lubricant, it is a superior noise dampening compound that will last the life of the brake pads and shoes thus reducing customer’s noise complaints. Due to the non-melting thickener, it will not run out of the brakes onto the friction pads or rotors.

What kind of bolts do you use for Brembo calipers?

Factory-fresh bolts for the Brembo calipers; choose front or rear. Price is per bolt Note: Front bolts do not fit 2005 STi due to an added factory bracket for that model year only. Remove the bracket and these front bolts should work. Sold individually.

Will STI Brembo brake rotors bolt to a 2002 WRX?

Note that only 2004 WRX STi rotors are going to bolt to the 2002-2014 WRX cars, because they share the 5×100 bolt pattern. 2005+ STIs have a 5×114.3 bolt pattern, and the rotors will not bolt up to the 5×100 cars. (2015+ WRX have 5×114 hubs.) The REAR STi Brembos will NOT bolt to 2002-05 cars easily, for two reasons.

What kind of Grease do you use to lubricate caliper bolts?

Before putting the caliper bolts back into their spot, they need to be lubricated properly. Brakes are one of the hottest places for your car, so you’re going to need high-temperature grease. This lubricant is synthetic and can withstand the high temperatures that your car’s brakes will reach.

Will STI Brembos fit in a 2002-05 car?

The REAR STi Brembos will NOT bolt to 2002-05 cars easily, for two reasons. One is that there’s a caliper mounting bracket that is different.