What happened to the Wink Relay?

What happened to the Wink Relay?

Relay is now a Channel in IFTTT, which gives you the option to turn the two buttons into triggers for the many automations enabled by IFTTT (pressing the Relay button becomes the “This” in “If This, Then That”).

Does Wink Relay require hub?

Do I need to subscribe even if I use the Wink App without a Wink Hub? Yes, you will. A Wink Subscription is required to access any products, integrations, services or automations used through the Wink App.

Is Wink discontinued?

23 by May 30, 2020 will result in your Hub becoming permanently disconnected from the Wink network. If you have a Hub that is currently disconnected, or has never been connected to the Wink network, it is important that you connect and update your Hub before May 30, 2020.

Does Wink Relay work with SmartThings?

I’ve developed a custom integration for connecting the Wink Relay to SmartThings and would like to share it with the community. With the integration, you can control the light loads (relays) and get instant status updates for the sensors, light loads, and button presses.

How do you reset a wink relay?

Factory Resetting the Wink Relay

  1. While holding top right switch (physical button) on Relay, press soft reset button underneath faceplate.
  2. Continue holding top right button until “System recovery” screen appears.
  3. Press bottom switch thrice or until “wipe cache partition…” …

What is wink Smart Hub?

The Wink Hub allows your diverse collection of smart products to speak the same wireless language, so that you can easily control them—and customize their interactions—from the Wink app. CONNECTION. Required to connect Wink Hub Compatible products to the Wink app.

How does Wink work?

Wink connects with Snapchat, shows you Snap profiles of other users, and allows you connect with them or swipe away to the next Snap profile. A similar user experience as Tinder. Once they’ve exchanged Snap info inside of Wink, the rest of the conversation happens in Snapchat.

What is a wink relay?

At its most basic, the Wink Relay is an in-wall, Wi-Fi-networked touchscreen controller for your Wink smart-home network. The 4.3-inch touchscreen that looks and works a lot like the Wink app on your smartphone is the centerpiece, and you can use this to control any of the devices on your Wink network.

Why is my wink hub blinking blue?

flashing blue – pairing or removing a HUB device. long red flash after flashing blue – device failed to pair or be removed. brief green flash – connected device changed state (ex: light turned on). see less The light on the front of the Wink HUB is used to show the current status of the HUB.

Is wink a Z-Wave hub?

In addition to dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless networking, the Wink Hub 2 supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, Lutron Clear Connect, and Kidde wireless protocols. Additionally, it is Thread enabled for whenever the new low-powered mesh protocol hits the mainstream.