What happens in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls?

What happens in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls?

The play begins in 1912 with a dinner at the Birling residence. Arthur leads a toast to the impending marriage of his daughter, Sheila, and his son-in-law-to-be, Gerald Croft.

Who is questioned in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls?

The Inspector tells Sheila that a girl named Eva Smith, aged twenty-four, has killed herself, and Sheila is appalled to hear it. Sheila is also shocked to learn that Arthur fired Eva after the strike. The Inspector begins questioning Sheila, who says she does not know anyone named Eva Smith.

How does Priestley present inspector in Act 1?

Priestley uses Inspector Goole as an imposing omnipotent being who is used to highlight the issues of society. Priestley wants the middle and upper classes to stop being selfish and exploiting the poor for their own financial gain, but instead be more generous and empathetic towards other members of the working class.

Who does Sheila accuse of being Squiffy?

Sybil shouts at Sheila for using the word ‘squiffy’ – meaning drunk. Sybil has snobbish opinions that people should speak and behave ‘properly’, not doing so would make her look down upon them.

How does Priestley end act1?

A significant dramatic pause is used at the end of Act One when the Inspector says to Sheila and Gerald ‘Well? ‘ Priestley has done this to create a dramatic cliff-hanger at the end of the act. After the act ended, there would be an intermission.

How is Birling presented in act1?

In the opening of Act One, Priestley presents Birling as an arrogant and ignorant individual. The description of Mr Birling as a ‘heavy-looking, rather portentous man’ indicates that the character is a large presence and conducts himself with a pompous air.

What is Mr Birling state’s role in Act 1?

What does Mr Birling do? Mr Birling hosts the dinner to celebrate Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft. He claims that a man’s responsibility is only to himself and his family.

What is Eva and Eric’s Baby symbolic of?

Eva and Eric’s baby could be symbolic of a bridge between the upper and lower classes. It has the power to bring them two classes together and yet Mrs Birling destroys the baby because she is only interested in self preservation.

Who is described as crushed at the end of Act One?

‘ – Sheila is becoming more confident in herself and is defiant against Gerald when he tries to tell her what to do, yet again. Act One- ‘(she looks at him almost in triumph. He looks crushed)’ – Shows that Sheila is now able to manipulate Gerald and take a ‘one up’ against him.

How is tension created in An Inspector Calls Act 1?

Throughout the play, “An Inspector Calls” Priestley’s main objective is to have the Inspector interrogate the Birlings and in doing this increase the tension of the play. Tension is created when two forces act against each other like an antagonistic pair and it creates a feeling of tightness or strain.

What do we learn about Mr Birling in Act 1?

How is Sheila presented in act1?

In the beginning of Act one, Sheila is presented to the audience as a naive and immature child. Her mannerisms and language replicates that of a young child which is ironic seeming as Sheila is ‘in her early twenties’.