What is a good time for 1/2 Ironman?

What is a good time for 1/2 Ironman?

Average Half Ironman Finish Times. How long does it take to finish a Half Ironman Triathlon? The answer, based on our analysis of more than 67,000 finishers in 40 Half Ironman triathlons: about 6 hours, on average. Swim 1.2 miles in 45 minutes, Bike 56 miles in 3:00, and Run 13.1 miles in 2:15.

How long does it take to do a Half Ironman?

6 hours and 4 minutes
A Half Ironman is just over double the distance of an Olympic distance triathlon and includes a 1900m swim, a 90km bike, and a 21.1km run to end with. The finishing average time for a Half Ironman is 6 hours and 4 minutes.

How long is a 1/2 Ironman swim?

1.2 miles
Half Ironman Distance Triathlon = Swim distance is 1.2 miles or approximately 2000 yards. Ironman Distance Triathlon = Swim distance is 2.4 miles or approximately 4000 yards.

What is a respectable 70.3 time?

Since the Ironman is a grueling race, anything under the 17 hour cut off mark is an achievement. For those in the age group of 30-35, 13 hours for men and 14 hours for women are satisfactory. The same applies to the Ironman 70.3 series. For the age group of 35-39, a good time is six hours for men and seven for women.

What is a good beginner 70.3 time?

Across all amateur athletes, the average Half Ironman time is 5:51:25 for Men, and 6:18:13 for Women. Broken down by discipline, on the Men’s side this works out to a swim time of 38:51, a bike time of 2:54:38, and a run time of 2:04:16.

What is the best Ironman 70.3 for beginners?

These five North American halves rank as our top options for taking on a 70.3 for the first time.

  • Montreal Espirit – Early September.
  • Barrelman Niagara Falls – Mid September.
  • Ironman 70.3 Florida – Early April.
  • Great White North Triathlon – Early July.
  • Ironman 70.3 Victoria – Early June.

Is a marathon harder than a Half Ironman?

Recovery is MUCH harder after a well raced marathon as running is so much harder on your body and you can recover much more quickly from cycling, even from longer periods of time. The HIM only takes ~2/3 of the time of running the M, with the adjusted pace for the other disciplines.

What is considered a good 70.3 time?

Is a Half Ironman hard?

A Half Ironman is tactically more difficult. So it’s harder to execute a race plan successfully. You need to be a strong swimmer. It’s not enough to just be able to survive the swim as you’ll be in open water with other people who will be kicking, slapping and swimming over you (potentially).

What is the best Half Ironman for beginners?

How many calories do you burn in a Half Ironman?

Total: 7,290 calories Swim: 15cal/min x 90min swim = 1,350 calories. Bike: 16cal/min x 6 hour bike = 5,760.