What is a Senate special election?

What is a Senate special election?

Special elections to the United States Senate are held to fill the vacancies that occur when a senator dies or resigns before the completion of their six-year term. Winners of these special elections typically serve the remainder of the term of the senator who has caused the vacancy.

What is a House special election?

Such elections are called by state governors to fill vacancies that occur when a member of the House of Representatives dies or resigns before the biennial general election. Winners of these elections serve the remainder of the term and are usually candidates in the next general election for their districts.

Who are the new senators for 2021?

New Senators 2001-present

Name Party-State Date of swearing
117th Congress (January 3, 2021-January 3, 2023)
Tommy Tuberville R-AL January 3, 2021
Jon Ossoff D-GA January 20, 2021
Alex Padilla D-CA January 20, 2021

Who is running for House of Representatives 2021?

Texas’s 6th congressional district

Party Candidate %
Republican Susan Wright 19.21
Republican Jake Ellzey 13.85
Democratic Jana Sanchez 13.39
Republican Brian Harrison 10.81

What is a By-Election class 9?

Sometimes elections are held only for one constituency to fill the vacancy caused by death or resignation of a member. This is called a By-Election. Electoral Constituency. India is divided into different areas for the purpose of elections.

Who is the Senate minority leader 2021?

From January 3 to January 20, 2021, with Republicans holding a majority with 51 senators, Mitch McConnell served as the majority leader and Charles Schumer remained the minority leader.