What is America spelled backwards?

What is America spelled backwards?

Nacirema (“American” spelled backwards) is a term used in anthropology and sociology in relation to aspects of the behavior and society of citizens of the United States of America.

What kinds of words are used to describe the nacirema?

The five words I used to describe Nacirema are: discontent, obsessive, naive, painful, and supernatural.

Do you think the charms and magical potions used by the nacirema really work?

Do you think that the charms and magical potions used by the Nacirema really work? Firstly, these potions do not work because some illnesses an individual believe to have are based on the imaginary of having a typical disease.

What is the focus of the nacirema rituals?

The focus of their ritual activity is the human body. The appearance and health of the body is a main concern of the Nacirema people. While most cultures are concerned about health, the ceremony involved in Nacireman daily life is unique.

Who is the holy mouth man?

In the Nacireman culture, there are also people known as “holy-mouth men,” who the people must visit twice a year. A holy-mouth man’s job is to enlarge any holes that decay might have caused in the mouth.

What is the purpose of nacirema?

While the Nacirema believe that these rituals make their bodies stronger and more resilient to disease, the primary purpose of these rituals seems to be to transform the shape of the body to conform to Nacirema ideals. These ideals are so extreme that they are beyond the reach of natural human capacity.

What is the name of the cultural hero of the nacirema?


How well does miner seem to know the nacirema?

1. How well does Miner seem to know the Nacirema? Miner seems to know well about Narcirema as he addresses the readers as an expert who knows Narcirema’s customs and values. He talks in the book on how the people behave and some of their exotic rituals and rites and seems to be very familiar with their tribe.

What is the ancient secret language?

Doctors. Ancient Code/Secret Language. Refers to the Joke that a doctor’s handwriting is illegible, particularly on prescriptions.

What do the nacirema say about mouth rituals?

Though small children must be forced to undergo this punishment when they neglect the mouth ritual, adults willingly accept it. Were it not for the rituals of the mouth, they believe that their teeth would fall out, their gums bleed, their jaws shrink, their friends desert them, and their lovers reject them.

What are nacirema values?

The main belief of the Nacirema appears to be that the human body is ugly and that the only way to prevent it from growing weak and diseased is to practice powerful rituals devoted to this purpose. Every household has one or more shrines devoted to this goal.

How would you describe the nacirema culture?

Nacirema culture is characterized by a highly developed market economy, which has evolved in a rich natural habitat. While much of the people’s time is devoted to economic pursuits, a considerable portion of their day is spent in ritual activity.

How do the nacirema view their bodies?

How do the Nacirema generally view their bodies? They view their bodies as very ugly, and that its natural tendency is to debility and disease.

Why is nacirema American backwards?

Miner’s account of the Nacirema—American spelled backwards—was instead a pointed criticism of anthropologists’ tendency to hype up the perceived weirdness of other cultures. His aim, as i09 puts it, was to show that “everything that’s normal to us seems weird to someone else.”

What are masochistic tendencies nacirema?

much of the nacirema population shows masochistic tendencies where: a portion of the daily ritual performed by men involves scraping and lacerating the face. anthropology. scientific and humanistic study of human beings.

What are the most important values of the nacirema?

The most important values of the Nacirema are teeth, breast, and appearance. Members of the society exemplify their wealth and power by how many shrines they have.

What is the secret of the nacirema?

The Nacirema have special medicine-men which hold secret knowledge of special substances. These medicine men also function in a central temple in which people undergo brutal practices aimed at “curing” them from illness.

What is one of the main points of Horace Miner’s article Body Ritual among the Nacirema?

What is one of the main points that Horace Miner’s article “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” demonstrates? – culture not only includes signs, gestures, and language, but also values and norms.

What are sadistic specialists?

sadistic. deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on another. The theoretically interesting point is that what seems to be a preponderantly masochistic people have developed sadistic specialists. phenomenal. exceedingly or unbelievably great.

What is the basic focus of nacirema society?

The basic focus of the Nacirema is to focus in the appearance and health of the human body. The basic belief is that human body is ugly and sick as time go, but you can avoid that doing their rituals and using magic potions.

What is the strangest thing about the nacirema culture?

Therefore, I believe that the strangest thing about the Nacirema culture is their fascination with mouth rituals. the Nacirema culture because the Nacirema culture does rituals everyday and go in front of their shrines as a daily ritual. Nacirema spelled backwards is American.

Are the nacirema civilized?

Nacirema culture is a very civilized culture. The way they do, their things portray a very civilized society whose patients go to the hospitals to be treated by the special health professionals such as doctors, dentists, psychologists, and nurses. They also use clean treated water and detergents in daily cleanness.

What is your impression of the nacirema?

What is your initial impression of Nacirema? The Nacirema people are very harsh to one another and put their bodies through extreme circumstances just based upon their beliefs. The Nacirema people were brutes and inhuman because of their rituals.

What is taboo to the nacirema?

Body exposure – the Naciremas avoid exposure of their bodies, even to other members of their household. Intercourse – this is a very taboo subject in the Nacirema culture. It is a scheduled event, and, sometimes, magical materials are even used to prevent pregnancy.

What are some examples of practices in other cultures that we find odd and hard to understand?

examples of practices in other cultures that we find odd and hard to understand?” (For example, arranged marriages, eating and preparing unusual foods, ritual body piercing, rites of passage.)

What does the story about nacirema teach us?

This story is trying to get us to look at our own culture from the outside sine we are always thinking we are normal but other cultures are very strange. When in reality, we are just as strange as other cultures are to us.

Why do the customs of the nacirema seem so bizarre when they are written about in anthropological style?

The ritual ablution of mouth for children which improve their moral fiber. Its so bizarre that the Nacirema is not for rituals they believe that their teeth would fall out, their gums will bleed, their jaws will shrink, their friends will desert them, also the love ones will reject them.

What is the meaning of Body Ritual among the Nacirema?

In “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” Horace Mitchell Miner employs satire to mock American culture as it relates to the human body and to highlight the preconceptions inherent to people’s understanding of their own cultures as opposed to others.

Why do some of the practices and rituals of other cultures seem odd or foreign to us?

Some practices or rituals of other cultures might seem odd to us because we are unfamiliar with the culture and its practices. Since we are used to our own practices it may create a bias when we are exposed to different cultures because we would compare it to our own culture.

What made it hard to identify who the nacirema are?

The word Nacirema is the word american spelled backwards. It is a term used in sociology to describe the behaviors and cultures of american people. What made it hard to identify who they are? Their cultural believes were complicated and poorly understood by many.