What is an example of Enallage?

What is an example of Enallage?

“‘It’s a trick called enallage: a slight deliberate grammatical mistake that makes a sentence stand out. “‘We was robbed. ‘ ‘Mistah Kurtz—he dead. ‘ ‘Thunderbirds are go.

What does enallage mean in literature?

Enallage (/ɛˈnælədʒiː/; Greek: ἐναλλαγή, enallagḗ, “interchange”) is one type of scheme of rhetorical figures of speech which is used to refer to the use of tense, form, or person for a grammatically incorrect counterpart.

What does Catachresis mean in writing?

Catachresis is a rhetorical term for the inappropriate use of one word for another, or for an extreme, strained, or mixed metaphor often used deliberately. The adjective forms are catachrestic or catachrestical. Confusion over the meaning of the term catachresis dates back to Roman rhetoric.

What is the purpose of Synchysis?

Synchysis is a rhetorical technique wherein words are intentionally scattered to create bewilderment, or for some other purpose. By disrupting the normal course of a sentence, it forces the audience to consider the meaning of the words and the relationship between them.

How do you say Enallage?

Phonetic spelling of enallage

  1. enal-lage.
  2. en-al-uh-jee.
  3. e-nal-lage.
  4. en-allage. Sophia Heidenreich.

What is an example of Epanalepsis?

Epanalepsis (eh-puh-nuh-LEAP-siss): Figure of emphasis in which the same word or words both begin(s) and end(s) a phrase, clause, or sentence; beginning and ending a phrase or clause with the same word or words. Example: “Nothing is worse than doing nothing.”

What is Catachresis and examples?

1 : use of the wrong word for the context. 2 : use of a forced and especially paradoxical figure of speech (such as blind mouths)

Why is Catachresis used?

Catachresis can be used both in poetry and prose. In poetry it is used by misusing a phrase or word to deliberately create a mixed metaphor. Poets use catachresis to achieve a stylistic effect, or to exert great compression in both comic as well as serious writing.

What is the purpose of Zeugma?

The zeugma is an interesting literary device that uses one word to refer to two or more different things in more than one way. Zeugmas will either confuse the reader or inspire them to think more deeply, but if they’re well written they will achieve the latter.

What does Synchysis mean in Latin?

Synchysis (Synchesis, Synchisis) is the disarrangement of words, often in A-B-A-B order. Latin can do this because cases matter far more than word order. Synchysis is similar to chiasmus (A-B-B-A order), and often the two are confused on tests.

What is an example of Anthimeria?

“Anthimeria” is a rhetorical term for the creation of a new word or expression by using one part of speech or word class in place of another. For example, in the slogan for Turner Classic Movies, “Let’s Movie,” the noun “movie” is used as a verb.

What is the meaning of Epanalepsis in literature?

epanalepsis, the repetition of a word or phrase after intervening language, as in the first line of Algernon Charles Swinburne’s “Itylus”: Related Topics: literature repetition.