What is an investigator meeting?

What is an investigator meeting?

An Investigator Meeting is a time for everyone involved with a new clinical trial to meet face to face and get familiar with the study, including learning about the roles in the study.

What is an investigator in a study?

In research, a person who is involved in running a clinical trial or research study. The investigator may help prepare and carry out the protocol (plan) for the study, monitor the safety of the study, collect and analyze the data, and report the results of the study.

What is the role of investigator in a clinical trial?

Clinical investigators are responsible for protecting the rights, safety and welfare of human subjects in the studies they conduct. Among other things, investigators must assure that an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that complies with FDA regulations conducts initial and continuing ethical review of the study.

What is principal investigator in research?

The Principal Investigator (PI) is an individual who assumes full responsibility for a research study, including but not limited to, the oversight and training of research assistants, administration of informed consent, and protecting participant confidentiality.

Who attends an investigator meeting?

Only the principal investigator and one to two research coordinators from each site should be invited to the meeting. It should be made clear that meeting attendance is required and that families or other guests will not be accommodated.

What are the steps to an investigation?

A proper investigation must:

  1. Gather information.
  2. Search for and establish facts.
  3. Isolate essential contributing factors.
  4. Find root causes.
  5. Determine corrective actions.
  6. Implement corrective actions.

What are the responsibilities of investigators?

21 CFR 312.60 An investigator is responsible for ensuring that an investigation is conducted according to the signed investigator statement (the FDA’s 1572 form), the investigational plan, and applicable regulations; for protecting the rights, safety, and welfare of subjects under the investigator’s care; and for the …

What are the duties and responsibilities of an investigator?

Criminal Investigator duties and responsibilities

  • Investigate crime scenes and apply different investigation methods.
  • Initiate survey.
  • Construct detailed investigation reports.
  • Manage evidence.
  • Identify and prosecute perpetrators.
  • Generate initial theories.
  • Eliminate wrong theories.
  • Document the scene in detail.

What are the investigator responsibilities?

What is the role of investigator?

As an investigator, you might conduct interviews, take statements, prepare case files, write reports, recommend criminal and/or disciplinary action or take part in criminal, misconduct and inquest proceedings.

Do investigator meetings improve recruitment rates in clinical trials retrospective before and after studying data from nine multi center clinical trials?

Conclusion. We found no statistical evidence in our study to conclude that holding an investigator meeting increases recruitment rates in the 8 weeks after the date of the meeting. Trialists should give careful consideration to the purpose and use of such meetings in the future.

What is site initiation visit in clinical trial?

The Site Initiation Visit (SIV) prepares the research site to conduct the research study. This meeting generally takes place after the investigational site has received IRB approval and a Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) has been fully executed. In addition, the SIV should occur prior to the first subject enrollment.