What is Bosch VCI?

What is Bosch VCI?

Bosch MTS 6513 The MTS 6513 VCI is a cost-optimized variant designed specifically to accommodate applications that require only High Speed CAN and K-Line physical ECU interfaces. For additional standalone capability it consists of an integrated display and keypad. Firmware Version

What is VCI software?

Our latest generation vehicle communication interface (VCI) is a powerful, multi-brand diagnostic interface that connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, and communicates via Bluetooth to the DS software installed on either your own PC or DS450E tablet.

What is J2534 programming?

J2534 is a concept that enables flash programming of an emission related ECU regardless of the communication protocol that is used by the ECU. The purpose is that only one tool (hardware device), often referred to as the pass-thru device, should be needed for all kind of ECUs.

What is VCI box?

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor or VCI consists of packing material which has elements of corrosion inhibitors. The inhibitors are usually paper of plastic. The packaging is used to protect metals during storage and transportation against corrosion.

How do I update all data scanners?

Installing the Update

  1. Download and save the most recent VCI Updater application (ALLDATAUpdater.
  2. Use the Windows File Explorer to navigate to the location of the saved VCI Updater.
  3. Right click the file and select Extract All…
  4. Enter alldata in the password box.
  5. Click OK.

How much is Autel update?

Autel – 1 Year Update for Ms908 (MS908-1YRUPDATE)

List Price: $895.00 Details
You Save: $308.60 (34%)

Where do I find the VCI number?

If you want to find out what your VCI number is.. check out this site: http://calid.gm.com/vci/VINEntryPre.do All you do is type in your VIN and it will give you the valid calibration IDs for your car. Imagine for a moment that you installed a GM supercharger kit. The way the “reflash” works is quite simple.

What is the full form of VCI?

The term “VCI” stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitor compounds vaporize from the paper or film. They are attracted to the charged surface of the metal by virtue of their polar orientation.

What is the Bosch M-VCI software system check utility?

To make your M-VCI software installation experience as smooth as possible, Bosch has introduced a new utility called the “Bosch M-VCI Software System Check Utility”. This will be available via a DVD that will ship along with any new M-VCI packages. It is also available as a download on the Bosch diagnostics website. Click here to access it.

Why choose Bosch VCI MTS 6531?

The Bosch VCI MTS 6531 offers OEMs flexibility for current vehicle architectures as well as a growth path for the future including DoIP and CAN-FD. MTS 6531 has a wide application range far beyond standard vehicle communications leading to reduced investment costs for workshops.

Is the m-VCI software still available?

*Mastertech I VCI (M-VCI) is a discontinued product, however, the software downloads on this page will still work for customers who own one. Note: Please run the system utility check ( M-VCI_SW_system_check_utility.exe ) before installing the ESI [tronic] 2.0, Shop Foreman Pro and M-VCI software.