What is compatible with dexron VI?

What is compatible with dexron VI?

GM considers Dexron VI to be “backward compatible,” meaning GM recommends it for use in any vehicle that originally used any earlier version of Dexron and that it can be mixed with them. However, GM specifically recommends against using Dexron VI in non-GM made vehicles that used Dexron III as original equipment.

What is the difference between Mercon V and dexron VI?

Mercon V has a replacement period of 30,000 miles. Dexron 6 has a replacement period of 100,000 miles and the new Mercon LV has a replacement period of 150,000 miles.

What transmission fluid is compatible with Mercon V?

Mercon is a suitable replacement for Type H and Type CJ fluid, but not for Type F. Mercon V—the most common Ford ATF in late model Fords, it is very much like Dexron III. Should not be used in a transmission requiring Ford Type F.

Can you mix Mercon and DEXRON?

Dexron II was introduced in 1987 and Mercon was introduced in 1987. In addition, it cannot be mixed with earlier Mercon fluids, so it should not be mixed with Mercon or Mercon V. There is no compatibility with any other fluid either.

Are dexron and Mercon compatible?

Formulated to meet the demands of most modern transmissions on the road today, Advantage® Uni-Syn LV DEXRON® VI/MERCON® LV ATF is also backward compatible with older GM Dexron specifications making it the perfect premium product to streamline your transmission fluid offerings.

Is Mercon V and dexron III the same?

Though similar to Dexron in its red color, there are a few differences chemically. Mercon has a different flash point from Dexron. Mercon has a flash point of 170 degrees Fahrenheit and a fire point of 185 degrees.

Can I use Mercon VI instead of Mercon V?

This fluid technology is designed to replace and supersede previous generation specifications from GM and Ford such as DEXRON III and MERCON/ MERCON V. General Motors officially states that DEXRON®-VI approved fluids are backwards compatible with and should replace all previous generation DEXRON fluids in service.

Is Dex Merc compatible with Mercon V?

MERCON and MERCON V type fluids are not interchangeable. recommended fluid may cause transmission damage.

Is Mercon V compatible with Mercon VI?

Is Mercon V and Dexron III the same?

Can I use dexron 3 instead of vi?

DEXRON-VI can be used in any proportion in past model vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, in place of DEXRON-III (for instance, topping off the fluid in the event of a repair or fluid change). DEXRON-VI is also compatible with any former version of DEXRON for use in automatic transmissions.

What is the difference between Dexron III and Mercon V?

Mercon. Mercon entered the market in 1987,according to the book “The Role of the Chemist in Automotive Design” by Herman K. Phlegm.

  • Dexron. Dexron is used in General Motors vehicles.
  • Considerations. Consult the owner’s manual for transmission fluid requirements for a specific vehicle.
  • Where to buy Dexron VI?

    When the fluid becomes contaminated,drain the fluid,flush the system with DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid,and refill with new fluid.

  • Make sure to flush the transmission with DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid,not a solvent.
  • Do not add any aftermarket additives to the fluid – they are not necessary and should not be used.
  • Is GM Dexron VI synthetic?

    Mobil DEXRON-VI ATF is a high performance, synthetic blend formulation that meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of GM’s DEXRON-VI specification and provides warranty protection for 2006 and newer GM vehicles. It also provides improved performance in older GM vehicles, wherever DEXRON is specified. We stand behind our products.

    What is the replacement for Dexron II?

    Direct Replacement. Dexron VI fully replaces Dexron III and prior evolutions of the Dexron fluids.

  • Support. Dexron variations prior to Dexron VI are not forward compatible.
  • Advisements. GM terminated all licensing for the production of Dexron III in 2006.