What is CTD in FOX fork?

What is CTD in FOX fork?

CTD (Climb/Trail/Descend): Fox’s integrated ride dynamics system that makes it easy to set up your fork and shock to work together for unprecedented performance in all types of terrain. It’s intuitive to use and can be instantly activated while riding. Just select one of three modes, Climb, Trail, or Descend.

Does FOX Float CTD have lockout?

CTD stands for Climb, Trail and Descend and it is compression damping, not “lockout”.

How much travel does the FOX Float CTD have?

100-160 mm
The shock comes equipped on many trail bikes featuring 100-160 mm of travel. It’s lightweight and does a great job performing for the targeted market. It’s a huge selling shock, and has become almost a “standard” which other shocks are measured by.

Is the FOX Float DPS a good shock?

I would recommend this shock to anyone looking to upgrade their trail bike’s shock and improve the overall performance of their bike.

How do you tune a Fox Float CTD?

Climb, Trail, Descend

  1. Climb Mode: Rotate the blue CTD lever fully clockwise to set the shock in Climb mode.
  2. Trail Mode: Rotate the blue CTD lever to the middle setting to set the shock in Trail mode.
  3. Descend Mode: Rotate the blue CTD lever fully counter-clockwise to set the shock to Descend mode.

How much air should I put in my Fox forks?

Setting Fork Air Pressure Sag range should be set to 15–20% of total fork travel.

What is Evol Fox?

“EVOL” is what Fox named its extra-volume spring, which increases the size of the air spring to deliver a more linear spring curve that’s supple off the top on small bumps and still has the support to handle big hits and resist bottoming.

What PSI should my bike shock be?

I’ve heard that as a general rule of thumb I should set the front shocks to 100% my body weight in terms of psi, and the rear shocks to 75% my weight (i.e. Front shocks at 110 psi and rear shocks at ~78 psi).

Can you rebuild Fox Float shocks?

The Fox Float Rebuild Kit is recommended every 50-100 hours depending on the riding conditions. Additionally, this kit will greatly improve the performance of an old Fox shock and bring it back to life. The rebuild kit includes everything you will need for the service.