What is deployment group in Informatica?

What is deployment group in Informatica?

07 Feb Informatica Deployment Groups Informatica Deployment Groups can contain folders, mappings, mapplets, reusable transformations, sources, targets, workflows, sessions and tasks and can help transfer these objects into multiple folders across repositories in different domains.

Which client tool is required for creating deployment group in Informatica?

Creating Deployment Group: Click on Tools > Deployment > Groups to view the existing deployment groups in the Deployment Group Browser. Click New to create the deployment group in the Deployment Group Editor.

Is it true that a deployment Group is a global object that consists of objects from one or more folders?

Deployment group is a global object which consists of objects from one or more folders. Deployment group is used to copy objects from one or more folders to another folder or repository. You can create, edit, or delete deployment groups.

Which transformation uses numerous times in mapping?

Reusable transformation
Reusable transformation is used numerous times in mapping. It is different from other mappings which use the transformation since it is stored as a metadata.

How many pipelines can a single joiner transformation join?

The joiner transformation is used to join two heterogeneous sources. The joiner transformation joins sources on the basis of a condition that matches one or more pairs of columns between the two sources. The two input pipelines include a master and a detail pipeline.

What is dynamic deployment in Informatica?

A deployment group that is associated with an object query. When you copy a dynamic deployment group, the source repository runs the query and then copies the results to the target repository.

What is static and dynamic deployment?

Unlike static deployment where dispatched ambulances leave a coverage gap until they return to their home-base after service, dynamic deployment redeploys idle ambulances to different locations if that leads to an increase in demand coverage.

Can we update the target without primary key?

Your only way to update without primary key is to write an Target override in Target.By doing this, you dont need primary key for updation.

How can I clear my Informatica interview?

To clear this round you should be clear with your basics. You should be prepared with Data structures and Algorithms, oops concept, Unix and DBMS. You should be well prepared with system design problems. Students will be expected to write codes in the interview.

Can we rename a port in non reusable transformation?

Can we rename a transformation? Ans:- Yes, To rename transformations, click the Rename button and enter a descriptive name for the transformation, and click OK.

Can we use flat files in Joiner transformation?

Heterogeneous Join : Heterogeneous Join need to be created using Joiner Transformation. Example : An Oracle table and a DB2 table, A flat file and database table, Two flat files. If you can perform a join on the source database, then you can configure it in the Source Qualifier.