What is Fort Jackson address?

What is Fort Jackson address?

5450 Strom Thurmond Blvd.

Where is Fort Jackson Military Base?

city of Columbia, SC
Fort Jackson is located in the city of Columbia, SC, which is the state capitol. Columbia offers a diversity of experiences and attractions. Columbia displays its patriotism proudly and is proud to be the home of Fort Jackson, the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U.S. Army.

What zip code is 29207?

Columbia29207 / City

How do you address a letter to Fort Jackson SC?

Mailing Address

  1. Fort Jackson Headquarters address. 2400 Jackson Blvd., Fort Jackson, SC 29207.
  2. Public Affairs. 4394 Strom Thurmond Blvd., Fort Jackson, SC 29207.
  3. ICE. Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) – Tell us how we are doing.

What is the address for Fort Jackson basic training?

Fort Jackson Mailing Address

Fort Jackson Address Format Sample Address
PVT Last Name, First Name # PLT. (COMPANY) CO, #-## IN BN, ### IN BDE STREET ADDRESS Fort Jackson, SC 29207-#### PVT Doe, Jane R. 4th PLT ECHO CO, 1-13 IN BN, 193RD IN BDE 5482 JACKSON BLVD Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6100

How far is Columbia from Fort Jackson?

16 miles
Yes, the driving distance between Fort Jackson to Columbia is 16 miles. It takes approximately 31 min to drive from Fort Jackson to Columbia.

What is Fort Bragg zipcode?

Fort Bragg/Zip codes

What is Fort Lee zip code?

07605Fort Lee / Zip code

What is Sheppard AFB zip code?

Sheppard Air Force Base/Zip codes

How can I send mail to a soldier?

The Department of Defense requires all Military Mail packages to include the full name of the soldier, his/her unit, the APO/FPO with a 9-digit zip code and a valid return address. APO/FPO addresses have “AA,” “AE” or “AP” listed where a state normally would be on an address label.

How far is Fort Jackson from Columbia?

The distance between Fort Jackson and Columbia is 13 miles.The road distance is 15.7 miles. Then Is Fort Jackson a good duty station? While the slow pace of the south may certainly be an adjustment for most, it is one that is fairly simple to make.

What city is Fort Jackson SC located in?

The Fort Jackson, located in Columbia, SC, acts as a center of military command for U.S. military personnel. The Military Base houses personnel, conducts training operations for active duty and reservist forces, stores equipment, and supports military operations.

What is the area code for Fort Jackson SC?

South Carolina currently utilizes 4 area codes. When first established by AT and the Bell System in 1947, 803 covered the entire state of South Carolina. The most recently added was 854 in 2015 as an overlay to 843.Today, 843 is the most populated with an estimated 1.6 million of the state’s 4.6 million residents.

Where is Fort Jackson in Columbia SC?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (CNN) — A Fort Jackson trainee is in custody after allegedly hijacking a school bus full of students on its way to Forest Lake Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, the Richland County sheriff said. Sheriff Leon Lott called the