What is ME21N transaction code in SAP?

What is ME21N transaction code in SAP?

The SAP TCode ME21N is used for the task : Create Purchase Order. The TCode belongs to the ME package.

What is the transaction code to purchase assets SAP?

SAP Purchase Assets Transaction Codes

# TCODE Functional Area
1 MIGO MM – Inventory Management
2 MIRO MM – Invoice Verification
3 ME21N MM – Purchasing
4 ME22N MM – Purchasing

What is the transaction code to receive the invoice SAP?

SAP Invoice Transaction Codes

# TCODE Description
1 MIRO Enter Incoming invoice
2 FB60 Enter Incoming invoices
3 J1IEX Incoming Excise invoices
4 J1IIN Outgoing Excise invoice

What is the difference between ME21 and ME21N?

ME21N transaction is the Enjoy transaction – a “more advance” version of the original ME21. While it allows you to view all information (header and line item) in the same screen, most of system erroneous behaviors you encountered in ME21 transaction won’t be encountered in ME21N transaction.

How can I see all company codes in SAP?

Press F8 (or execute). 2. On below screen, put your cursor on BUKRS field and press F4. The dialog box will prompt you all the available company code in your SAP system.

How do you search in SAP?

Searching SAP for functions, transactions, programs, objects:

  1. Search using star symbol ‘*’ in any field on a SAP screen.
  2. If You don’t know the needed transaction by heart you can search it in the SAP menu using the shortcut CTRL+F or by typing T-code: search_sap_menu.

How do I see all assets in SAP?

Asset Value To view asset values, left click on the Asset Value icon. R/3 Path > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Change > Asset [double-click] Transaction Code AS02 Asset Enter Asset number or use search button.

How do I display an asset register in SAP?

Click on the TCode for more details and click on the Functional Area to see all the tcodes specific to that module/sub-module. asset register by Third Party Loc. asset register by Third Party Loc.

How do I pull up an invoice in SAP?


  1. On the search bar, click the content dropdown to the left of the search field and select Invoice.
  2. Enter search terms in the search fields.
  3. Perform one of the following actions: Press Enter or click the search icon  to start the search.
  4. To view an invoice, click its link in the search results.

How do I find invoice number?

An invoice number is a number assigned to uniquely identify invoices. It generally appears near the top of the invoice document so it can be easily noted by both the recipient of the invoice and the business providing it.