What is motherboard and its function and its components?

What is motherboard and its function and its components?

A motherboard is the main circuit board inside a computer that connects the different parts of a computer together. It has sockets for the CPU, RAM and expansion cards and it also hooks up to hard drives, disc drives and front panel ports with cables and wires.

What are the components of motherboard?

Components of Motherboard

  • Keyboard and mouse. There are mainly 2 types of mouse and keyboard connectors.
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) The USB port is used for connecting the computer system.
  • Parallel port.
  • CPU chip.
  • RAM slots.
  • Floppy Controller.
  • IDE controller.
  • PCI slot.

What is motherboard computer PDF?

motherboard contains the CPU, Memory, VGA, expansion slots etc. The motherboard of a computer is the main circuit board within a typical. desktop computer, laptop or server. It is the central printed circuit board. (RGB) in some complex electronic systems, such as modem personal.

What is the 3 function of motherboard?

The motherboard serves as a single platform to connect all of the parts of a computer together. It connects the CPU, memory, hard drives, optical drives, video card, sound card, and other ports and expansion cards directly or via cables.

How many components are there in motherboard?

There are three main basic components in the computer system which runs the whole system and they are Motherboard, Processor and the Memory. I will explain the motherboard and all its subparts in detail in this blog and the Processors and the Memory in the coming blogs.

What is motherboard PPT?

INTEGRATED MOTHERBOARD An integrated system board has multiple components integrated into the board itself. These may include the CPU video card , sound card and various controller cards. 6. NON INTEGRATED MOTHERBOARD Non integrated system board uses installable components and expansion cards.

How many types of computer motherboard are there PDF?

There are primarily two types of motherboards: AT motherboard, and ATX motherboard. AT motherboards are older and not commonly used now a day. The AT and ATX motherboards differ in the form factor.

What are the four functions of CPU?

Similarly, in a computer, the CPU controls all the important functions like Input, Processing, Data storage, Output.

What are the functions of ALU?

The ALU performs simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and logic operations, such as OR and AND. The memory stores the program’s instructions and data.