What is Python module?

What is Python module?

A module is a Python object with arbitrarily named attributes that you can bind and reference. Simply, a module is a file consisting of Python code. A module can define functions, classes and variables.

What is e-learning and its types?

What are the types of E-learning? Synchronous eLearning is when the learners and the instructor interact with each other in real time, from different locations. Asynchronous eLearning is when learners complete self-paced online training. In this case, the learner and the instructor are not online at the same time.

How do I open a Python module?

Press Alt+Shift+o to open the input panel. Type the Python import path of the module you want to view. Note: this plugin STRICTLY simulates the Python’s import mechanism. What it means is that you can view only such files that Python would be able to import from the current working file.

What is an online module?

Module is the term that is most often used to describe online lessons or units. Online course modules typically contain content and activities organized to create a clear learning path for students.

What is storyboarding in instructional design?

WHAT IS A STORYBOARD? A eLearning storyboard is a sequence of panels in which the instructional designer lays out the framework for the eLearning module (or other type of training).

How do I install a Python module?

Ensure you can run pip from the command line Run python get-pip.py . 2 This will install or upgrade pip. Additionally, it will install setuptools and wheel if they’re not installed already. Be cautious if you’re using a Python install that’s managed by your operating system or another package manager.

How do I create an online module?

How to develop an online training module

  1. Know your audience. First up, you need to focus on who’ll be taking the course.
  2. Break your topic into modules. Now you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to think about how to organize your course content.
  3. Plan your content formats.
  4. Add knowledge checks.
  5. Responsive course content.

How can I learn more engaging online?

Here are some moves you can make to keep students engaged through differentiated instruction:

  1. Include more videos in your courses.
  2. Make your presentations more dynamic.
  3. Level up your presentation with a voiceover.
  4. Make your lessons interactive.
  5. Keep an eye out for what works for others.

What are the contents of a module?

In general, a module includes:

  • an introduction to the module’s objectives, its rationale or purpose, and context.
  • activities that provide ways for students to engage with each other in discussion and with the information and concepts.

How do I download and use Python?


  1. Click Python Download.
  2. Click the Windows link (two lines below the Download Python 3.7.
  3. Click on the Download Windows x86-64 executable installer link under the top-left Stable Releases.
  4. Move this file to a more permanent location, so that you can install Python (and reinstall it easily later, if necessary).

What are the examples of e learning?

Elearning examples

  • Patient Management. SB Studio.
  • Using Computer Ports. SB Studio.
  • Make the Sale. SB Studio.
  • Information Security. SB Studio.
  • Customer Service Scenario. SB Studio.
  • Customer Service Video. SB Studio.
  • Software Simulation Tasks. Plum Elearning for Netwatch.
  • Chemical Safety and Hazard Communication. SB Studio for Barton Health.

What is __ init __ in Python?

“__init__” is a reseved method in python classes. It is called as a constructor in object oriented terminology. This method is called when an object is created from a class and it allows the class to initialize the attributes of the class.

How do you write a eLearning storyboard?

How To Create eLearning Storyboards: 12 Tips For eLearning Professionals

  1. Select a storyboard template.
  2. Have a clear idea of your goals and objectives beforehand.
  3. Know your target audience.
  4. Figure out when and how you will assess your learning audience.
  5. Write content for each of your eLearning objectives.

What is effective eLearning?

What Does Effective eLearning Mean? Effective eLearning means getting the business objective fulfilled by delivering the whole bunch of courses to the learner and get their performance objective. Effective eLearning provides learners with motivation by using delivering techniques.

How many modules are in Python?

200 modules

What a trainer can do to prepare learners for e-learning?

Don’t just tell them; show them.

  • Lend their subject matter expertise and skills to create online courses.
  • Add value to off-the-shelf courses that have limited information.
  • Create additional materials to fill existing gaps in off-the-shelf courses.
  • Continue to provide classroom training in a blended learning scenario.

What makes good eLearning?

High quality content, polished design, and easy navigability are three important ingredients of any successful eLearning course. Note that even high quality eLearning courses are going to fall short of expectations if the learner isn’t fully engaged and motivated to learn.

What is eLearning strategy?

A corporate eLearning strategy is simply a plan for how to proceed with building the learning. The plan also includes the specific resources, devices, and techniques the development team will utilize to achieve these goals.

Why Python is not working in CMD?

You have to add the python executable in your SYSTEM PATH, do the following, My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > Then under system variables I create a new Variable called “PythonPath”.

How can I get my students attention online?

How To Get Online Learners’ Attention

  1. Open With Interesting Facts/Fiction, Or Throw A Challenge. Present attention-grabbing facts, fiction, or any other information to engage learners at the onset.
  2. Let Them Play. Why do young kids grow up so quickly intellectually?
  3. Include Interactions.
  4. Use Humor.
  5. Incorporate Video.

How do I download a Python module in Windows?

Installation Requirements

  1. Open a Windows command window and run the following command to check that a suitable Python version is installed: python –version.
  2. Output should be similar to:
  3. To install a package: pip install

What happens when you import a module Python?

Python code in one module gains access to the code in another module by the process of importing it. The import statement is the most common way of invoking the import machinery, but it is not the only way. modules ), only the import statement performs a name binding operation. …

What is a storyboard in eLearning?

A storyboard for eLearning is a document that eLearning developers create in the beginning of the development phase to outline the visuals, text and audio elements, interactions, navigation and anything else that will be used in the eLearning course.

How do you create an effective eLearning course?

Effective eLearning Course Development

  1. Learn as much as possible about your learners beforehand.
  2. Develop a thorough outline that highlights key objectives.
  3. Include a variety of learning activities.
  4. Keep the learning experience digestible.
  5. Take full advantage of eLearning authoring tools.
  6. Assessments aren’t just for the end of the course.

What is the best eLearning software?

Top List: The Best eLearning Authoring Tools

  • Adobe Captivate. Adobe is a global leader in digital media, digital marketing, and eLearning solutions.
  • iSpring Suite. iSpring Solutions is an international software company, founded in 2001.
  • Lectora.
  • Koantic.
  • Easygenerator.
  • Elucidat.
  • dominKnow.

How can we use eLearning effectively?

There are several effects, which make the e-Learning so effective.

  1. Make your e-Learning salient.
  2. Make use of video.
  3. Make the design relevant.
  4. Use humour.
  5. Do not use humour.
  6. Use Interaction only where necessary.
  7. Move the goalposts.

How do you make an eLearning platform?

How To Build An eLearning Platform

  1. Closely Study Your Niche. One of the crucial steps of product development is to find a problem worth solving.
  2. Outline A Relevant Solution. Now, be more specific.
  3. Choose The Right Software Development Partner.
  4. Test Your Idea On Real Users.
  5. Get Better.