What is scoring in pharmacy?

What is scoring in pharmacy?

Scores are computed based on the correct responses recorded by candidates. It is to the candidate’s advantage to answer every question on the examination. There is no penalty in the scoring formula for guessing. The individual score report will indicate whether the candidate passed or failed the examination.

How difficult is the Bcacp exam?

The BCACP Exam has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This is a very challenging exam with passing rates historically in the 60% range.

What is a passing score on BCPS?

The board needs to report data statistically on the performance of the candidates on the CPJE. To standardize the reporting, the board converts the raw score to a scaled score, such that the minimum raw passing score always equals a scaled score of 75.

How long is NAPLEX score good for?

one year
A NAPLEX Score Transfer is accepted for up to one year from the date of the examination.

Why do they score tablets?

Tablet scoring refers to the breakage of a tablet to attain a desired efficacy dose and is an emerging concept in the pharmaceutical industry. The primary reason for the tablet scoring practice is to adjust the dose: dose tapering or dose titrating.

What score do you have to get to pass NAPLEX?

75 or greater
Overall NAPLEX scaled scores range from 0 to 150 and are rounded to the nearest integer for the official score record. Candidates must achieve a score of 75 or greater to pass the NAPLEX.

How many times can you take the Bcacp exam?

The BCPS exam (and all other board certification exams – BCGP, BCACP, BCCCP, etc.) are only given during 2 testing periods. You are allowed to take the exam in consecutive testing periods. I would STRONGLY encourage this as you will SAVE $300.

How many questions are on Bcacp?

The recertification examinations are 100 questions in length administered over a 2 hour, 30 minute testing period. Once the candidate has been checked-in, he/she will be escorted by testing staff to a workstation.

How do you pass BCPS?

Hopefully the following may serve beneficial to others who are pursuing the BCPS designation.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare.
  2. Identify strengths and weaknesses before you start studying.
  3. Do not underestimate the importance of practice tests.
  4. Remember to study statistics.
  5. Make sure you answer all of the questions.

How is NAPLEX score calculated?

Your NAPLEX® score is a scaled score, meaning that your final score is neither a number-correct score, nor percent-correct score, but rather an independent value based on measures such as the number of questions you answered correctly and the difficulty of the questions you were asked.

Is the NAPLEX difficult?

There is really no secret or shortcut to passing the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, commonly referred to as the NAPLEX. The overall pass rate for NAPLEX between December 2019 to April 2020 was 91.9 percent. So, the odds are greatly in your favor.

How many times can you fail NAPLEX?

The NAPLEX is a six-hour exam composed of 225 questions that are delivered in a computerized, fixed form. The exam results will be reported as pass or fail, and candidates are allowed five attempts to pass the exam.