What is SIM900 GSM module?

What is SIM900 GSM module?

The SIM900 is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in a SMT module which can be embedded in the customer applications. Featuring an industry-standard interface, the SIM900 delivers GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz performance for voice, SMS, Data, and Fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption.

How does GSM SIM900 work?

This is a GSM/GPRS-compatible Quad-band cell phone, which works on a frequency of 850/900/1800/1900MHz and which can be used not only to access the Internet, but also for oral communication (provided that it is connected to a microphone and a small loud speaker) and for SMSs.

What is the difference between SIM800L and SIM900?

Major Differences Between SIM800L and SIM900A The SIM800L and SIM900A are both very similar GSM modules, but the major difference is that the SIM800L model supports Bluetooth, and the AT commands for Bluetooth/FM are added.

Does SIM900 support 4g?

Considering about the speed you cannot obtain 3g, 4g speed since GSM Shield(SIM900) provides maximum of GPRS class 10: max. 85.6 kbps (downlink) so, It will able to connect but cannot get such speed in 3g and 4g.

How do I send a text on SIM900?

SIM900 AT commands

  1. set the SIM900 to text mode: AT+CMGF=1\r.
  2. send SMS to a number: AT+CMGS=PHONE_NUMBER (in international format)
  3. read the first SMS from the inbox: AT+CMGR=1\r.
  4. read the second SMS from the inbox: AT+CMGR=2\r.
  5. read all SMS from the inbox: AT+CMGR=ALL\r.

Does sim900 support 4G SIM?

It will not be able to connect to a 3G or 4G network.

Can we use 4G SIM in GSM module?

It can use either a 2G-only SIM or a 3G/4G USIM (which provides compatibility for 2G anyway). It will only work on 2G GSM radio networks so you have to check that in your country – for example it won’t work on the AT or Jio networks. You will however need to test the card.

Which is better SIM800 or SIM900?

Difference in hardware design? SIM800,SIM800C modem operates from 3.4V to 4.4V supply range (Reduced operating range !) SIM900, SIM900A modules operate from 3.2V to 4.8V supply range. SIM800 is having a Pin to connect with Bluetooth Antenna Apart from these differences the hardware design is almost similar.

Can we use Airtel 4G SIM in GSM module?

check it by another 2G card if its not getting network so connect GSM antenna. I use Airtel 4G SIM and Vodafone 4G sim cards. They default to 2G network and work fine.

How does a GSM module work?

A customised Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) module is designed for wireless radiation monitoring through Short Messaging Service (SMS). This module is able to receive serial data from radiation monitoring devices such as survey meter or area monitor and transmit the data as text SMS to a host server.