What is The Art of Fielding about?

What is The Art of Fielding about?

The Art of Fielding is a 2011 novel by American author Chad Harbach. It centers on the fortunes of shortstop Henry Skrimshander and his career playing college baseball with the fictional Westish College Harpooners. The novel was nominated for the Guardian First Book Award, and was featured on several year-end lists.

How a Book Is Born The Making of The Art of Fielding?

Keith Gessen’s article, Vanity Fair’s How a Book is Born: The Making of The Art of Fielding, is expanded from a piece that appears in the October 2011 issue of Vanity Fair. It reveals the haphazard process of turning a manuscript into a book.

What is westish college based on?

Westish is fictional. The school is the setting and haven of Chad Harbach’s incandescent debut novel, “The Art of Fielding.”

What genre is The Art of Fielding?

Sports Fiction
Psychological Fiction
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Is the art of fielding a good book?

Named one of the year’s best books by the New York Times, NPR, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post. At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league stardom.

How does the art of fielding end?

The Art of Fielding has a feel-good sports story ending—the Harpooners win the championship, after all.

What is the name of the book Guert Affenlight published in 1987 in the Art of Fielding?

The Sperm-Squeezers isn’t just the title of the book Guert wrote about Herman Melville, it’s also a thinly-veiled reference to what he and Owen get up to behind closed doors.

Is the art of fielding a movie?

“The Art of Fielding is one of my all-time favorite books, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be making this film with our partners at IMG. We’re thrilled to have financing in place for the slate so we can choose projects based on what we love, rather than what we think we can sell,” said Tollin.

How many words are in the art of fielding?

With a long novel—and Chad said his novel was now up to 175,000 words, or about 600 pages—it might take six months or a year to go through and re-write the whole thing to your satisfaction. By then you’d have changed again and want to start re-writing the beginning. The book could begin to swallow itself.

What happens to Henry in the art of fielding?

Henry takes “sacrifice”literally, bunting the ball with his head, which moves players along the bases and wins them the game. Sure, it almost kills Henry in the process, but he’s at rock bottom by that point and doesn’t care.