What is the best French dictionary app?

What is the best French dictionary app?

Here are the best French to English dictionaries and phrasebooks for Android!

  • Dict.cc.
  • Dictionary Linguee.
  • English French Dictionary.
  • English French Offline Dictionary.
  • French – English.

Are there any French dictionary apps?

The 7 Best Dictionary Apps for Learning French

  • Ascendo.
  • WordReference.
  • Littré French Dictionary.
  • Larousse French-English Dictionary.
  • Harrap’s Business French Dictionary.
  • Collins LeRobert French-English Dictionary.
  • Dictionnaire de français des Éditions Larousse (Larousse’s French Dictionary)
  • *Bonus* Thesaurus Larousse.

Which French-English Dictionary is the best?

Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary This is the largest and best French-English English-French dictionary, with more than 2,000 pages. Entries include slang, regionalisms, and expressions.

What is the most comprehensive French dictionary?

Old School: “Collins Robert French Dictionary” The Collins Robert is an incredibly comprehensive French-English dictionary. It has loads of contextual detail for each word, and has a reputation for being reliable for even the most serious of French learners.

Is there a French Dict?

Benjamin reviewed several French pronunciation dictionaries in this article. The standout for him was Forvo, which has the most entries of any French pronunciation dictionary. Available for iOS and Android, or even simply usable via its website.

Is Les in French feminine?

le, la and les are the french equivalents for the. As French makes a distinction between “masculine and feminine objects”, people use le for masculine things/persons and la for feminine things/persons. However, in the plural, only les is used whatever the gender is.

Is Pizza feminine or masculine in French?

Yes. Every noun has a grammatical gender. And “pizza” is feminine.

Does Des mean some in French?

Du, de la, de l’, des – ‘some’ and ‘any’ To say ‘some’ or ‘any’ in French, use: de + the correct article. Sometimes in English we miss out ‘some’ or ‘any’ in a sentence, but in French you must include them.

What is Burger called in French?


‘burger’ also found in translations in French-English dictionary
burger n. burger
bifteck haché n. beef burger
steak haché nm. hamburger ; burger ; beefburger ; minced beef ; …

Why does De Le become du?

It’s *du chien* because it’s formed from “de le” chien, which is not contracted, so “de le” becomes “du”.

What is a dice in French?

dice, the ~ dé, le ~ (m) Noun.