What is the Caplan model?

What is the Caplan model?

The Caplan and Caplan (1993) model provides a framework for categorizing types of consultation and can guide empirical investigations in order to determine which type or combination of types is most effective for particular outcomes.

What is the mental health consultation model?

The CA LAUNCH model seeks to integrate maternal/paternal mental health stabilization, support, referrals and resources to families receiving services from Public Health home visiting programs where mental health concerns exist.

What are the models of consultation in counseling?

There are three consultation models:

  • Collaborative-dependent.
  • Collaborative-interdependent.
  • Triadic-dependent.

What is Consultee centered case consultation?

This type of consultation focuses on the personal/professional issues of an individual clinician, or the administrative or personnel issues within an agency, with a goal of understanding whether they are preventing good ethical practice or hindering ethical planning and decision making.

Why do counselors seek consultation?

To talk through challenging or difficult interactions with clients. To work through issues triggered for the therapist (countertransference) To learn and use new techniques to help your clients and yourself.

What is the purpose of mental health consultation?

A mental health consultation is an assessment of a person’s mental state to determine whether he has or is at risk of developing any mental disorder. This is more commonly performed on children to identify and address issues that may have a negative impact on their mental development.

What is the difference between counseling and consultation?

Often a consultation will be a short term engagement on one specific topic. Consultants work with individuals, families, groups and organizations. Occasionally teaching or training will be part of the engagement. Counseling is the process that focuses on the relief of distress.

What are consultation models?

Consultation models are not rules; they are learning aids to help you develop your own consultation skills. Having your own model ensures you have an internal guide to draw on during the consultation to achieve the best outcome for your patient.

What is the difference between consultation and counseling?

When should a therapist seek consultation?

If you have fears or concerns you do not feel safe bringing to a group setting, you may want to have an individual consultation. You just meet one-on-one with a trusted colleague.